Great minds thinking alike

Yesterday, former cabinet minister Christy Clark announced, "the provincial government should give tax credits to families for the cost of enrolling their children in extra-curricular activities, such as sports, recreation and the arts." As reported by Times Colonist's Jeff Rudd, Port Moody mother Sharon Mack came up with the idea, which has also been endorsed by her city council. But here's the interesting part: the councillor who introduced that motion back in October was Karen Rockwell - the only candidate running for the provincial New Democrat nomination in Port Moody-Westwood, Ms. Clark's riding. Ms. Clark is not running in the next election.


"extra-curricular activities, such as sports, recreation and the arts"

Many moons ago we did things like this in big buidings called "schools". And we were supervised by adults called "teachers".

Of course this was back when the "state" wasn't the source of all evil. Now we need to have the "free market" handle all these types of things so that the "private sector" can provide us with "choice".

I will be called a "socialist, commie, NDP'er, union nut" in less than 3 posts.

Sorry, not all of us need the government to hold our hand through life. What's wrong with encouraging sports? I played sports my whole life and not one of those was a school sport. So i'm not quite sure what your talking about.

Physical education should be mandatory through grade 12. 60% of kids are overweight. 30% active and the other 10% are in between.

The proposal is stupid. The wishful result is admirable, but the reality of this tax cut is absurd.

Perhaps waiving the PST on sporting goods for kids is a more realistic alternative.

Christy: I know you miss the spotlight and hearing your own voice, but stay home and help your hubby with his Paul Martin fan club.

Ouch, strong words. Childhood obesity is not 60%, it is closer to 10-15%. Christy has long been dedicated to increasing physical activity, one of her first acts as education minister was to bring P.E. back to schools that have removed it. This tax credit will go along way to helping families afford sports and sporting equipment.

Wow, one post.

Jim, you might want to try a Sylvan Learning Centre or how about CDI for some high-quality, free enterprise education.

And Jim, I'll bet you some of those non-school sports you played used evil government money in some way.How about the fields and rinks you played on, all sponsored by Enron I guess.

teachers were always paid to teach, but people expected them to volunteer their time to do sports with teh kids, why should they?

This is not a left/right isssue, but simply a good idea. Even better would no PST on sports activities and tax credit - make up for it by doubling the PST on donuts and chips and pop since that would have no negative impact on anyone

Karen Rockwell is a star candidate and the NDP should get her in the forefront and treat her like one. Her look, style, and politics appeal to the mainstream. She is a moderate centrist and actually reminds me of Christy Clark. Excellent candidate, who I think will pull out a win in Port Moody.

If you think the NDP is going to win PMW you need to get your head examined...

i like how christie clark does everything she can to undermine campbell. it will be tight, but rockwell will win because she's popular, because the ndp leader is a woman, because campbell's unpopular, and yeah, because the erstwhile incumbent's split was fairly acrimonious. and this is real news considering how central she was to the bc liberals pre-2003...



You Dippers are hilarious!

Port Moody/Westwood is one of the safest Liberal seats.

When the Dippers re-jigged the ridings into 79 before the last election Christy's riding was made rock solid. She gain the wealthy westwood plateau in coquitlam). And the PoCo riding was made a really nice NDP seat for the NDP cabinet minister who was there, his name eludes me, but I think he's running again. Besides why do you people think Karn is not running again, its becasue PoCo is now a very safe seat for the Dippers.

The real election in Port Moody will be the nomination race for the BC Libs.

While I dislike the Dippers I am no fan of Christy. She constantly is undermining the Premier and the party, which she wants it to become the Fed Lib farm team of BC.

She is currently trying to deep six former PoMo mayor Rick Marusk (sp?) candidacy. And instead she is running a puppet by the name of Ian Black.

The rumour is that Black, who is a well off business man, will step down at some point so Christy can take the seat in a by-election in the future.

Also Irene Barr is running for the spot too.

Which ever BC Liberal wins the nomination will be the MLA, hopefully Christy's puppet won't win.


While PMW was won quite handily by Christy last time. This time it will be close with Karen possibly winning. First off, Christy is no longer running and she was very popular. You've got a very nasty nomination battle. Also, remember PMW, although including Westwood Plateau, also includes the city of POMO which is fairly working class and a lot of social housing/low cost housing/ working class folks at the base of Westwood. It will be tough, but it is do-able, if the NDP purges itself of idiots and gives Rockwell some resources.


You hit it right on there. Everything that's happening in that riding SCREAMS that Christy is behind Ian Black. Although, it seems that most of the people there are completely oblivious to this. Rumour has it that Rick Marusik has long had a deal with Ian to support each other on the second ballot.

Everything seems to be going as Christy directs. It seems to have become a race where it's 'anyone but Irene Barr'. Of course, you can be sure that Christy isn't behind Irene becuase Irene is a woman. All Christy would do is take a lot of cheap shots at the premier for not supporting women, while doing the same herself.

interesting food for thought,

pmw res

This discussion is getting extremely malicious and unfounded...

personally, i support christie (and mark). fed lib, good parties, anti-gordo. gordo's next big moment of weakness (close reelection, drop to opposition, unforseen scandal) and she's in there in a heartbeat.

Fear not Frank, for I am just going to call you woefully naïve. Your comment “Many moons ago we did things like this in big buidings called "schools". And we were supervised by adults called "teachers". Is absolutely true. But guess what? teacher’s no longer “supervise” anymore. Teachers contractually negotiated out “supervision” long, long ago. Back then we read the lord’s prayer every morning. Do we still? Do yourself a favor Frank, spend some time on the Ministry of Education website and look up “teachers reports” for your local school district. Have a good close look at the relationship between “class sizes”, and “average teacher base salary” and ask yourself what has changed, and how Carole James can look any school district trustee in the eye ever again.

PMW Res, and Bob Smith,

Rick Marusik is certianly no fan of Christy.

Rumour is that she has been trying to have him blocked (behind the scenes) from even running in the nomination.

Rick apparently has more people signed up and ready to vote for him that either Black or Irene Barr. Hence the Clark/MArisen stragety of blocking people from even running in a nomination (anyone remember the Feb Lib nominations in the last election?)

Speaking of Irene Barr, nice lady, isn't it hilarious that Christy (someone who practically wants a quota system for getting more female candidates, oh wait sorry she wants to make sure more female candidates are nominated in winnable ridings, perhaps like hers?? hehe) is supporting a guy, Mr. Black, when there is a relatively known female running in the nomination. Barr has been the long time chair of the BC Lib Women's Comission. I think it shows how hypocritical Christy is for not publically supproting Irene, but instead pushing Ian Black from behind the scenes.

As for Bob Smith, with respect, I am not
"getting extremely malicious and unfounded..."

I am the first to admit that I dislike socialists (the ideology not the individual, since in my experience some Dippers tend to be people that one can have a drink with, whereas most Fiberals (Fed Libs) are rather snotty and annoying.

I also admit that I dislike Christy, but like other fed lib supporters like Mike DeJong, Colin Hansen, etc.

However, everything I am post about with respect to the PoMo nomination constest is based on first hand info, since I know the area very well.

If you want live in a fantasy world where Christy and Mr. Clark, (oh wait I mean Mark M, heh), have nothing to do with blocking Rick Marusik, or pushing Iam Black, go right ahead.

But it is a fantasy.

In either case I hope Rick or Irene can win and deny Christy her puppet, but it will be tough since she has a lot of influnce over the riding.


Where on earth do you get the idea that Christy is supporting Ian Black?

Ian Black is a Tory who has never had anything to do with the BC Liberals or Christy's riding association even though he's lived there for a long time. There is no way she is supporting Rick Marusyk because she wanted Joe Trasolini to run.

I'm putting my money on Christy voting for Irene Barr. No questions asked.

I'd like to ask a question. How do you implement such a tax break? Volunteer organizations are burdened with too much paperwork already and don't need to additionally authorize a tax receipt. Also, what is the definition of recreation and arts and what organizations would qualify?

Personally, we'd have saved a lot of time by going to the organizations that run the arts and sports and ask their opinion. I suspect they would have asked for more infrastructure money so they could reduce their fees and wave fees for those families who can't afford them. Now isn't that easier than all the red tape behind a new complicated tax benefit?

I don't care whose idea this is but I would like someone to think this through before creating another nightmare for all those volunteer and non-profit organizations who provide these services to our communities.

'What are you talking about?',

If that's what you really think, then you clearly have no idea what's happening in PMW.

Ian Black has lived in the riding since 2000. That's not 'very long' compared to any of the other candidates that are running.

But you keep putting your money on's like putting money on how the world is flat.


pmw res

I might have the time wrong for how long Ian Black has lived in the riding, but I do know that he has never lifted a finger for the BC Liberals or Christy Clark. I can see no reason whatsoever for Christy to support him.

I think Ian Black is going around suggesting that Christy is supporting him because it is a way to get votes. Everyone knows that Christy wanted Joe Trasolini -- without him in the running, I am convinced Christy is voting for Irene.

By the way, I live in Port Moody.

And where did you think 'PMW Res' lived?

It's not about whether Black has done anything for the party or Christy in the past. As long as he agrees to vacate the seat for her to run in either in a bi-election or in 2009, then she'll support him.

You're under the impression that Christy supports Trasolini, which is exactly what the Trasolini bluff was supposed to do - make people believe that Christy supports Trasolini, and not Black.

Of course everyone 'knows' that Christy supports Trasolini...on paper it's that, but you don't actually expect what's reported to be the bottom line, do you?

Yo PMW Res!

You are 100% correct.

Christy Clark's plan is to sell memberships for Black, and push him behind the scenes along with her hubby Mark Marisen.

Why? Because Ian Black has (according to rumour) promised Christy to not run in 2009 (or even quit to give her a by-election) so that Christy can come back to her riding later, in all her returning "glory".

Apparently Mr. Black is nothing more than a seat warmer for Christy.

Christy is try to kill Rick Maruisk candiacy by having him blocked from even runing, ala Tony Kuo (ah Mark Marisen strikes again).

She is also being completely silent on Irene Barr's campaign as well, ah the hypocrisy of Christy Clark.

She wants more women in politics but she is pushing Black rather than Irene.

The PMW nomination process is a big circus, with Christy Clark as the ringmaster, if we're lucky she won;t succeed in her schemes.


Get a clue, first you might have some credibility if you could spell his name correctly, it's Iain. Secondly Iain is no puppet if you know his history then you know that he answers to no one. Give your head a shake and stop putting forth these baseless rumours.

hi crazy,

we'll see :)

pmw res

Christy--if you're promoting Ian Black at Irene Barr's expense, you'd better rethink that and consider whether you will ever have any credibility with other women in the BCL. Irene is a trooper and you know it. Get behind her.

Does anyone here have any idea what they're talking about. Newman, when did you retire from Mad. Seems you're still showing symptoms.

PMW Res, is that reservation or resistance to the facts?

Silly Sally slags Christy, for not following Silly's fantasy. Troupers are off Star Wars.

The only one of you who seems to have any idea what is actually going on is Crazy. Something for the rest of you to aspire to!

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