The Gee-woman returns

Everyone give a big Public Eye welcome back to veteran bureaucrat Sue Gee, who was last spotted leaving finance as the ministry's communications director two years ago. Turns out she's returned to the public affairs bureau, under contract (cha-ching), as the acting head communications honcho at transportation. That position has been vacated by Steve Anderson, who is leaving to become the executive director of properties and business management next Tuesday - an uninspiring sounding job but surely rewarding in the long-term. After all, he could wind up as a deputy minister some day! A permanent director will be chosen following the election.


Hey Sean, chill on Sue. A girl's gotta feed the family, and she writes better than anyone else on PABlum staff. She may, however, introduce the much feared integrity virus to the OIC lost. What'll the Liberal spin doctors do - is the cure much worse for the corpus Liberal than the sickness itself? Andy is a bit at sea on this one no doubt.

For all the time I've spent groaning about PABlum, the one guy who shouldn't take a hit is this orr-man. Besides, didn't he and Sue star at the BCIT school of "get me a job" journalism together?

Hey Keith, time off (the chatroom name is way too close to your BCTV personality btw).


The proper term is PAB Monkeys.

They get paid WAY too much (55k to start) for the "monkey" job that they do.

No offense to the 1 or 2 compotent PAB Monkeys out there.


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