Premier solicits barrister

Is Vancouver lawyer Randeep Singh Sarai running for the provincial Liberals in the next election? According to cocktail partygoers, the answer is yes. So Public Eye rang Mr. Sarai to find out the truth of the situation. In an interview, he confirmed Premier Gordon Campbell had spoken to him about running in December. But, he said "I haven't made up my mind." If he did run, rumour has it a Vancouver MLA may step aside for him, possibly backbencher Ken Johnston.

Mr. Sarai was recently put forward by Vancouver Mayor Larry Campbell's office as a candidate for the police board - an appointment that was rejected by city council. Earlier, he made headlines in The Georgia Straight when brother muckraker Charlie Smith reported Mr. Sarai was facing professional disciplinary action from the Law Society of British Columbia.

According to Mr. Smith, on November 16, the society "amended a citation against Sarai - which it first issued in July 2003 - alleging that he breached trust-accounting provisions by failing to report trust shortages and failing to remit collected social-service and goods-and-services taxes. In addition, the law society has alleged that Sarai failed to remit employee-source deductions, left a trust shortage of $11,154.89 for a client, and breached undertakings in relation to his real estate­conveyancing practice. None of the law society's allegations have been proven." A hearing concerning those allegations was scheduled for January 25 but has been postponed.

Before the last federal election, Mr. Sarai announced he would be running for the federal Liberals in Vancouver South. But that campaign ended when Prime Minister Paul Martin appointed former premier Ujjal Dosanjh as the party's candidate in that riding.


This guys great at creating rumors about him self, sounds like Peter Vinning? He is a life long NDP'er and is Ujjal Dosanjh supporter, I am sure old Gord would love to have him there because Gord really likes Ujjal as well. May be Ujjal put in a good word for him with Gord.

I think DC has his facts all messed up. This guy is and always was a Herb Dhaliwal supporter, NOT a Ujjal lacky!!

He was gracious enough not to run and cry to the media when Ujjal was appointed by Martin in Van South. That's what i call a class act!

The Libs would be lucky to get a quailty Indo candidate like Sarai, a young star who is capable of bringing all factions of his community together..The liberals should hold on too this guy!

There appears to be a pattern .................

Wrong MLA drop-out. Look for Nijjar's moving on. Up against Adrian Dix for full on fun.

Hey "blank", please leave Nijjar alone, this is the first time in his life he won the Lotto by landing a decent paying job after flipping burger all his life, what a loser.

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