Bets on how long this appointment will last?

Rick Mowles, the Community Society Services Employers' Association's chief executive officer, will soon be heading the British Columbia government's troubled community living authority, Public Eye has learned. That job was vacated when children and family development assistant deputy minister Phil Goodman took a leave of absence for health reasons. An announcement is expected as early as today. The authority was supposed to takeover responsibility for government services for the developmentally disabled in fiscal 2003/04. But that takeover was delayed following the forced resignation of its first chief executive officer Doug Walls last year


You got it.

CSSEA - the management labour relations group for community social services in BC is allowing its top man to run Community Living BC for six months.

Who knows where that will lead.

No word on the ailing Phil Goodman.
Any sign of Chris Haynes or Doug Ward?? I see Hogg is winning popularity contests.

The website for Community Living is a joke with last news entry on Oct 19/04 - the b of d should hang their heads in shame over their lack of accountability and openess in the new era??

Correction - Doug Wall not Ward

I shudder to think

Latest from the government is that

Phil Goodman has resigned and left the province.
His sickness unspecified is lingering.

Shelley Gilberg is a new name for the mill.
appointed as MCFD executive director for CLS operations and as Interim Vice President of CLBC

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