Peter begets Patty

BCTV is reporting Burnaby-Edmunds backbencher Patty Sahota will be appointed Minister of State for Resort Development this afternoon. Last week, Public Eye told you about rumours Ms. Sahota would be joining the provincial government's executive council. As we predicted at the time, this appointment is being viewed "as a double-barreled attempt to shore up Liberal support among both women and the Indo-Canadian community."


Patty has always impressed me, I have met many MLAs left and right and I have a lot of respect for her abilities. She is more than ready for this role. It would be a huge shame for BC if she was not relected.

Holy Prem Vinning plan B Batman!

Speaking of Prem Vinning, the next thing you know, Premier Campbell's Office will be announcing a pair of appointments, ... Rachel Marsden and Mike Geoghegan!

Gee, is Bernard another libral plant.Do you work in Patty's office Bernard, or does your wife.Do you write letters to the editor on her behalf?

If its a double barrelled attempt to cozy up to 2 previously ignored groups, I think that when Gordo pulls the trigger... a little white flag will come out of the barrel saying... bust.

Giving Ms. Sahota the position of Minister of State for Resort Development (read Golf Courses and Destination Casino Resorts) doesn't equate to giving an Indo Canadian woman a strong voice in cabinet. It's basically almost a slap in the face to those 2 groups by giving Ms. Sahota a jr level cabinet position in charge of basically nothing. The only benefit to this manouever is to Ms. Sahota's bank account as she gets to take a little extra cash home from this position. I suppose if you pro rate the salary a junior cabinet member gets over the remaining term left in this govt's mandate, I suppose its an extra 3 to 4 thousand dollars or more.

I suppose its a nice goodbye present for Ms. Sahota. Kind of like an end of term bonus for being so quiet. Speaking of filling appointments... when are they going to appoint the new Director of Asian Pacific trade or whatever it was called under Peter Paul and Prem Vinning? Sorry.... I knew I said something about beating a dead horse, and all... but its still too damn funny. And as Sean has so successfully pointed out, its like the energizer bunny... it keeps going and going and going.

Any bets on who will fill that void?

I know someone who lives in her riding. Someone from her constituency office phoned him one evening to get a better understanding of what is going on in the minds of her constituents. He told me that the questions were so clearly biased that there was no way to answer them without saying she is doing a good job. He said it was the most ridiculous exercise he has ever experienced...and he is a Campbell Liberal fan!!

I would say congrats to Patty Sahota. It is really nice to see her inch and claw her way to the top. She has come a long way after working as forestry consultant, actually it was a receptionist job at Dickie Dee Lumber in the Fraser Valley.

So what does a Minister of State for Resorts actually do? Oversee the bookings of hotel rooms, monitor vacancy rate or measure snow packs. I wonder what the Ministry budget is? I hope it is not $Zeeeero like it was for the other Indo Minister of state.

I can just picture the Indo community dancing in the streets after hearing of this appointment. I guess Gordo is finally coming thru for the Indo's for their past support, and this appointment is also bound to bring back the Indo support in droves. Gord says bring on May 17.

What`s next? The ministry for rewarding BIG BUSINESS for campaign donatios?

I have met Patty Sahota a couple of times since 2001 when I was working for AIDS Service Organisations. She is like several Liberal backbenchers, people you would like to have coffee with, maybe a beer, yet there is something about the "blinders" that distracts you.

She said all the rights things, empathy was there, yet todate there has been no action.

Minister of ensuring divits are replaced to protect the environment within the artificial world of golf resorts in BC is hardly a Ministry to jump for joy about. I mean do these people get to sit at the cabinet table, and if they do, do they get to open their mouths? Finally, if then can open the mouths what comes out?

My guess is not much, they know its all about replacing divits.

What a joke, the indo community are already has one unaccessible Indo minister (hawkins), no they have another who has ZERO connection with tehe community, what a slap in the face of the INDO's!!!

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