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The New Democrats pride themselves on being the champions of ethnic equality. So one wonders what the politically-correct crowd thinks about the fact white boys have been nominated as the party's provincial election candidates in Vancouver-Hastings (Shane Simpson), Vancouver-Kensington (David Chudnovsky) and Vancouver-Kingsway (Adrian Dix). After all, these constituencies have a high percentage of visible minority residents - making up 53, 71 and 74 percent of those ridings, respectively. Then again, the New Democrats would never suggest a white person is incapable of representing the interests of minority groups - would they?

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The NDP should have more ethnic candidates in Vancouver, and in other GVRD areas as well. Ideally it should. But it doesn't. It was the same thing during the federal election, as Charlie Smith pointed out in the Georgia Straight about a week or so after last June's election.

Part of the reason has to do with the NDP's penchant for endless Robert's Rules of Order contests, in which the best sub-sub-amendment mover wins!!! These contests are not hospitable territory for new immigrants for whom English is a second language. As a matter of fact, those whose English is the ordinary, colloquial English found in BC society won't feel comfortable in that environment either. In fact, the only ones who do are the activists who've become part of the Labour-socialist sub-culture and for whom the required special dialect of English is an acquired taste as well as a learned skill.

But there's a larger reason. It's the national Liberal Party's more-or-less complete monopolization of the immigrant vote, a process that began in Toronto several decades ago, and which has now spread to B.C. Call it the Judy Sgro-Elinor Caplan phenomonon if you like.

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