Going on vacation as an election strategy

As you may or may not have heard (probably the latter), infamous federal Liberal non-candidate Tony Kuo announced on Friday he wants to run for the provincial New Democrats in Burnaby-Willingdon. Now normally an outsider wouldn't have much chance of winning a nomination in a party that's run like a closed union shop. But Mr. Kuo, who calls himself Mr. Democracy, must be feeling pretty darn good about his chances. Because, in a news release sent out last week, he informed the media multitude "I will have more to say on February 20, 2005 at the nomination meeting and upon my return of my family holiday from January 28, 2005 to February 14, 2005." In related news, Martinite high priest Mark Marissen was spotted doing cartwheels in the street upon finding out Mr. Kuo would officially be another party's problem. The following is a complete copy of the release.

"Mr. Democracy"
304 - 4505 Grange Street, Burnaby, BC, Canada V3L 3C5
Tel: 604-313-8178
Fax: 604-436-0695
Email: kuocanada@shaw.ca
Website: www.tonykuo.ca

For Immediate Release

January 28, 2005

Burnaby-Tony Kuo wishes to announce that he has filed his papers to seek the BC New Democratic Party Nomination in the riding of Burnaby-Willingdon on February 20, 2005.

The issues are:

* Lack of Health care and Education
* Effective voice for the people of Burnaby-Willingdon
* Minority Rights in BC Politics
* Lack of investment in Burnaby-Willingdon for the last four years

I will have more to say on February 20, 2005 at the nomination meeting and upon my return of my family holiday from January 28, 2005 to February 14, 2005.

Gerry Eggert


It's nice to see that Tony has taken the Federal Liberal flag off his web page banner. It was up until last week and now has been replaced with a floral arrangment made into the Canadian flag.

For all the crap that political parties take for being able to accept or reject candidates for nomination, I suspect the NDP now wishes they could weed out some suspect nominees.

I am all for people to change their minds, and change their parties, but nomination politics are all about putting bums in the seats at a nominating meeting and nothing more.

Ultimately, the Leader of the Party has to answer for the actions/quotes/misdeeds of his or her candidates. A critically stupid comment by a candidate at just the right time (see Randy White last election) has the ability to destroy a leader and campaign.

It seems there has been a large swell in the Burnaby-Willingdon NDP membership which may indicate a ton of new Kuo supporters.

If so, Ms. James had better assign one of her sharper hands to ensure that a Kuo candidacy doesn't do to her aspirations what Randy White did to Stephen Harper.

The NDP can weed out candidates. I'm not 100% sure of the process, but Mr. Kuo may need to get the endoresemnt of the constituency association.

It is hard to explain how Tony Kuo is so crazy, but if you look at his website, you get a bit of an idea.

Wouldn't it be funny if Adam T is right -- and the NDP consituency association chose not to let Kuo run.

What a bunch of two-faced ninnies the NDP would be then! They made a huge deal about the "lack of democracy" in the Liberal Party -- and went to town on Bill Cunningham for being appointed by the Prime Minister.

Either way, NDP stalwarts in the riding must be feeling quite embarrassed -- no-one likes being hijacked.

There's one silver lining for the NDP, however: people like Tony Kuo are consumate opportunists with absolutely no shame, and his candidacy must show that the NDP is the true route for him to get a job as MLA.

Two questions. 1. Will Tony Kuo and Gregor Robertson team up to market Happy Planet products in Asia? 2. Why does Tony Kuo have a link to a picture of his kindergarten class on his website?

SHAMELESS! I'm ashamed for my fellow Chinese-Canadian to do such a thing. He has lost all the respect from me.


No, but this is the best (from his website):

June 4, 2004

Media Release

To all my Tony Kuo Supporters:

Together, we have come so close to our "Democracy Journey" yet we have a "Pit Stop" to change our Political Ways of Change in Canada in 2004.

I will not run as an independent candidate in Burnaby-Douglas this time.

Therefore, as a true believer of democracy and human rights, I am liberating all my supporters and urge them to research and to vote with his/her own wisdom and conscience on June 28.

Democracy must stay alive in Canadian Politics.

A Candidate for election should be nominated by the grassroots in 2004 in order to preserve Democracy in Canada forever.

Everyone must vote on June 28, 2004 to change the Government of Canada.

In order to carry on the Tony Kuo Journey of Democracy and Public Service in Canada, I urge each and every one of you, who have supported me in my Democratic Journey since 2003 in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, to research and study each and every party and its Leader:


b) whether its Leader has been leading with HONESTY, INTEGRITY and PRACTICING WHAT HE PREACHES and KEEPS HIS PROMISES?

May Democracy and Honesty in Canadian Politics Prevail in 2004!

Help Tony Kuo keep the Democracy Light burning Brightly in the coming years.

Thank you very much!

Tony Kuo

“Mr. Democracy”

Beam me up, Scottie!

"I am liberating all my supporters and urge them to research and to vote with his/her own wisdom and conscience on June 28" and yet they show up on mass to hi-jack the Burnaby-Willingdon NDP constituency association in 2005? These followers vaguely sound like members of a cult. Even though Tony Kuo will claim that everyone is working against him the NDP would be smart to block his nomination.

Can someone in the NDP please apologize to Bill Cunningham for their crocodile tears they shed for Mr. Democracy Kuo? NDPers, if they block Kuo's nomination, will be doing the same thing Paul Martin did. And they would have nothing to be ashamed of except for their earlier shameless self-righteousness.

Oh yeah right. It's called politics, they're going to do nothing of the sort. What should the Conservatives apologize when he decides to go for that nomination too? And then the Greens when they block him after he goes for their nomination?

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