New Democrats experiment with male growth hormones

Yet another male joined the provincial New Democrat's election team yesterday. Ex-Williams Lake city councillor Charles Wyse beat out former Quensel Women's Resource Centre executive director Alice Stoddard to win the nomination in Cariboo South, 180 votes to 73. Of the 32 candidates nominated so far, six (19 percent) have been women.


Of the 6 women nominated, only one (Charley Beresford) defeated a male opponent in the nomination.

This low representation of women among NDP candidates is certainly going to raise hackles among the so-called "rabble-babble" crowd that assembles itself round Judy Rebick's website (

One recent debate on the discussion boards there concerned the four person NDP caucus in Alberta. It was thought to be non-representative of women. When some pointed out that it's hard to represent every demographic group in society in a small group of just four, the answer was further howls of outrage.

I'm one of the losers and I can tell you it's f*ing tough to fight the male bias in our culture. Please don't be unkind in your comments regarding the women candidates.

Actually Budd isn't that far off when charachterizing it. In fact most of the people seemed to think all four of the NDP MLA's in Alberta where White Males. Clearly Raj Pannu is not -- why someone wouldn't notice that I don't know. But it was rather strange.

Well, I was Alice's campaign manager and all I can say is that at least we, the NDP, aren't exactly being regressive. But, we sure are stuck. Where are women to enter the political forum? A common view that I noticed in Cariboo North where there was a yougne female candidate was her bonds of motherhood. I guess father's have no bonds so its ok to vote for them when they have children. So, now she isn't getting the proper experienced that a candidate should have, and if she wants to run in 10 or 20 years she will be told "wher eis your experience". Any woman that you see in politics has fought 10 times as hard as any of the men and they still rarely make it half as far. As for a group of 4 representing women the number 2 (or 1 even) comes to mind. I totally understnad that a body of 4 or even 400 can't represent all teh differences in society, but surely 1 woman out of four isn't unreasonable!

Greetings one and all......
I must say I am highly distressed at all of the bashing that is going on as the NDP nomination meetings are being held! I would put it to the majority of you that the outcome of the candidate meetings is a societal issue and has nothing what-so-ever to do with the NDP themselves. The NDP rules were very clear when it came to constituency's ability to hold their candidate selection meetings.First and foremost, there had to be a femaile candidate or clear evidence from Constituency Executive that in fact an effort had been made to secure a female candidate. That effort included the constituency paying for child care for the candidate as one way to assist a female in running if that was necessary to meet the rules around candidates gender. In my home constituency of Nanaimo-Parksville, we were fortunate to have two female candidates and one male candidate. On the second ballot, Carol McNamee was nominated. All three of our candidates were excellent and I have to say the campaign internally was respectfully run between the three of them. The major issue for the Executive was that the candidate be chosen by the MEMBERSHIP! Is this not the way it should be? The Executive did not outwardly support any candidate. I cannot tell you the numbers of times I was telephoned in the last week to ask who I was voting for. I would not tell anyone who I was voting for and told people when they called they needed to get to the candidate forums and then to the meeting itself..hear them speak and then make THEIR OWN decision as to whom it is they thought was best!
This Party of ours must continue to be membership driven and not those elected or hired at the Provincial Office level. If some of you have difficulities with males being elected over females then for goodness sake get out and get involved to help to try to change societies vision of who can make a good leader. Get busy also, and get involved within your constituency and create "Women's Committees"....give them profile within your constituency and quit blaming the Party for societies refusal to accept that females can lead and quit blaming the party for your internal political wars! You get what you give people! Be fair and honest AND RESPECTFUL and you will get the same in return!
June Ross

Great comments. However, membership and NDP don't always jive. Gordon Campblem could sign up for the NDP for $10.

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