Super Sunday scoreboard

More provincial New Democrat nomination results: in Alberni-Qualicum, Alberni and District Labour Council vice-president David Thompson won on the fourth ballot, with peace activist Norma Emerson coming in second; in Comox Valley, teacher Andrew Black smoked Comox-Strathcona Regional District director Barbara Price and two other candidates on the first ballot; in New Westminster, city councillor Chuck Puchmayr beat federal New Democrat New Westminster-Coquitlam 2004 election candidate Steve McClurg; and in Prince George-Mount Robson, Prince George and District Labour Council president Wayne Mills defeated University of Northern British Columbia First Nations Centre instructor and academic advisor Molly Eichar. Public Eye hasn't yet heard word from Cariboo South, where former Quensel Women's Resource Centre executive director Alice Stoddard was running against former Williams Lake city councillor Charles Wyse.


Holy Labour Batman.

Looks like NDP will run a full union slate this time.


If it makes you feel happier, David Thompson in Alberni-Qualicum is also a small business owner. He runs a fly fishing operation.

Why doesn't the NDP just call it the BC Federation of Labour in the election, and stop beating around the bush the fact that when faced with a decision between doing what's best for BC and what's best for the union fat cats, that they'll always choose the latter.

Since you put it that way Max, why doesn't the BC Liberal party just call itself the NeoConservative Corporate Protectionist Party and admit that it exists to serve the international corporate community and a narrow band of BC business special interests.

Yeah that Gregor Robertson him and his Happy Planet juice company is just a front for a giant scary UNION. I'm not sure which one it is but it is. Oh that's sarcasm by the way.

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