Senior staffer quits following Public Eye inquiries

Public Eye has learned the premier's new director of Asia-Pacific trade and economic development Prem Vinning, a veteran federal Liberal organizer, has resigned - three days after being hired. That decision comes just hours after Public Eye revealed Mr. Vinning used a different name other than his own when phoning in a question to a weekend Channel M call-in-show featuring Premier Gordon Campbell.


what a CLOWN, jesus, no wonder the LIbs have lost the indo vote!

"Hello, I must be going.
I cannot stay,
I came to say
I must be going.
I'm glad I came
but just the same
I must be going."

what a stupid move, reminds me of rahim jaffer's assistant pretending its him, HOW ridiculous....

I'm leavin on a jet PLANE, i don't know when i'll be back again...LEAVING!!!!

Much ado about nothing. Planted questions are common; but, couldn't they have found a regular supporter to ask the question? Are there no supporters left?

I'm offended that Prem didn't ask me to do the job. My resume speaks for itself.

Isn't this the same guy who has zero credibility in federal politics, wow what a moronic decision bringing him on, YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW!!!

Can it be assumed, based on Mr. Holman's posts, that the incognito call was made on the weekend followed by the hiring on Monday.

If correct, doesn't that raise at least the tiniest of red flags re: the hirer vs. the hiree?

I'm quite surprised he had to fall on his sword, after all, Gordo got away, politically, with a drunk driving conviction - what Prem Vinning did was Patty-Cake.

Anyway, way to go Sean for drawing this guy out to talk.

Completely despicable, and I'm saying that in a completely non-partisan way. Planting a question is effectively lying to the viewers of a program. In this case the Channel M program was targeting the Indo-Canadian community.

I hope someone is circulating this story to other media outlets. Dirty politicians need to be held accountable.

Just curious, I posted on the story before this one.

Wouldn't the Premier have recognised Prem's voice. Tough spot to be in, do you say "sorry for that viewers that was the assistant I just hired and he shouldn't be doing that" or do you play along pretending the question is from the public.

And if the Premier knew it was Prem, then Prem was only let go by the Premier's office after Public Eye told us about the event.


Interesting stuff. Congrats. It raises a wide range of questions, including one about the political judgment of the person who considered this hire to be a good idea.

why wouldn't Gordo's crew look beyond the OLD GUARD!!
WHY would this character speak to the everlovin media??

Why "only in BC"???

Hats off to Chelsea for her views. Ever been to an all candidates forum and watched people stand up and read a pre-written question? Happens all the time. Yesterday I attended an event with Jim Sinclair as the keynote speaker, while I was waiting to get in the door people were asking "Is this the place we were told to go” Told by whom I asked? "My Union" was the answer. “Told” was an interesting statement. There in the foyer was a huge picture of Carole James, I assume by chance, after all her "new" NDP is about people not organized labor right? It even said so at the door "vote for a government that cares about people” I didn't know that Jim Sinclair was a recruiter for Carole James. What was interesting is that Jim had a much bigger audience than Carole did when she was last in this town. I drove down form Kelowna to hear her speak, but the event was over when I arrived as nobody had shown up. At least last night we got to hear a spirited Sinclair at his very best. I think Sinclair should run as an MLA, but it would likely mean a huge cut in pay. Small wonder we cannot keep good people in government.

This is bout LIB goofs, not unions or NDP, this vinning stuff is freakin hilarious, everything gordo touches turns to lead!!!


Just in case anyone gets the wrong idea from my comment above I wrote" I posted on the story before this one," I meant "I posted a comment on the Sean's "Prem is Peter and Peter is Prem"."

Sorry for not being more clear!


Kelowna Bob: I was standing on the picket line yesterday when Jim came up. The meeting you refer to was put on by the unions as part of the BCFed "Count Me In" Campaign, so its normal that the unions were involved... he should run as MLA. I love him (in a non-sexual, totally non-who's your daddy, way). It makes me happy when he speaks-- cause he is a brilliant speaker...

On another note: Why should Gordo have recognised Prem's voice? I sound like a twelve year-old with a long-established smoking habit over the telephone...

This is not some new guy the Government just hired. This guy has been a supporter and mover and shaker for the provincial liberals and feds for that matter for years now. Gordo would have talked to Prem quite often on the phone.

The other clue here is that Prem was owner of JackPine in Williams Lake. The Premier and as leader of the oposition was in the Cariboo many many times. When Prem referred to the Cariboo, he had to know then. His mind would have clued into the voice and Cariboo and connected them.

Still this guy had access to the Premier that MLA's did not have. For Gordon to say he didn't recognise the voice is a big stretch and his only defense.



It's not the first time, nor will it be the last time this happens. There's tons of BC Liberal plants calling in all the time to radio and tv shows.
These plants get on the air and make the Liberals
out to be "God" and "Saviors" It's really very sickening.

Kelowna Bob you forgot the simple fact that not only is Jim Sinclair a recruiter for Carole, but he is the NDP's policy maker, and leader. The NDP just uses Carole as the poster girl to help make the "new" NDP look new.

The NDP is all about what it was in the '90's - big labour. And big labour is all about - yup, big labour. No, not working people, big labour. Why else do you think there were people there saying "is this where we were told to go"? Their unions scare them into submission, with both doomsday economic forecasts, and fear of retribution or confrontation for thinking for themselves.

Chain Gang you need some new material, man.

I do agree Chelsea, I thought Jim gave a great speech. He would make a great MLA, but it would likely mean a serious pay cut and we tend to criticize MLA’s only when they leave government for better paying jobs, but we say nothing when they give them up to serve. Just look at the dirt that was said about Gary Collins when he quit and Jim Sinclair probably makes the same kind of money. He is worth it. Yes people can criticize Sinclair for representing Unions and the NDP but that is his job and he does it well. Carole James should not be hiding from people like Jim Sinclair, he is the best friend she could ever hope for.

Please, all this self righteous b.s. from the Dippers on this web site is rather sickening!

I've been in politics (both fed and prov) for a while and supporters (even staff) calling in to radio or other talk shows with planted questions is common place.

You lefties are full of b.s. if you deny that the NDP does not do the same thing and stack callers to a talk show with pre-made questions.

That is not to say what happened to Prem is not hilarious!

Like how Mickey Mouse is this guy?

Calling in to a talk show as "Peter" and then admitting he did it. Perhaps if he had a really unique voice he could not deny it, but hey maybe he should have gotten someone else to do it then (duh).

This thing happens all the time on both sides.

The story here is that the incompetence of this guy is funny. That and the fact that some political hack who made it as a Director in the Premier's office was stupid enough to do this himself.

Poindexter: Sorry, man. Gotta tell you, this NDP is nothing to do with Labour, in the traditional sense that the NDP was labour. Its definitely different (notice the sorrowful tone? I'm not lying, nor delusional...)

Poindexter: you may want to look at who is pulling the puppet strings of Gordo

If Sean wants to get the lowdown on faked letters, faked names and similar political tactics he need only talk to his PEO cartographer associate

Both the NDP and the Libs should probably invest in one of them that there computer voice boxes like the one Stephen Hawking uses...if you want to not be recognized for your voice, be smart about it.

I can just picture the call-in shows. "Yes, we have Thom from a place called the OK Heartlands. You're on with Gordon Campbell, Thom. How would you describe the Province and the Premier's job over the past four years?"

Computer voice: "Fitter...happier...more productive...not drinking too much...regular exercise at the gym (3 days a week)...getting on better with your associate employee contemporaries..."

perhaps Mr.Vinning was doing exactly what his short contract called for as we all know contracting is the position that the Lib.'s want every one to follow and blossom with.Less obligations for pension ,ei,etc.
Interesting to note if a wrongful dismissal or perhaps work related trauma case will be made by Mr V.Who knows ,lawyers could be creating dossiers as i try to type. THat is job creation!
Way to go Gordon! Also Mr.V. needs a new job or career may we assist him with that?Another job created!wow that Gordon C.'s something!

Hey guys,
Im from england, and i was just reading up on my grandad prem vinning. i dont know much about his Politics but what i do know is he is a very smart guy and a great person. never underestimate him.


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