Prem is Peter and Peter is Prem

In a taped interview, a veteran Indo-Canadian political organizer admitted he used a different name than his own when phoning in a question to a weekend Channel M call-in-show featuring Premier Gordon Campbell. Prem Vinning, who was hired on Monday as a senior staffer in the premier's office, confirmed he called himself Peter when he asked, "I'm in the trucking business and, you know, the economy is going great guns and that's good. But to get my products from the Cariboo into the harbour, the time I lose on my trucking business is just an enormous amount of time. When are you going to do something to move the traffic so we can keep our business going?" Premier Campbell responded "That is a very, very good question..." before answering. When asked about the question, Mr. Vinning explained, "It was me. And some of the guys call me Peter sometimes."


Hmm. Sounds like Warren Betanko is alive and well

If he finds himself out of a job in May he should try Rahim Jaffer.

I know of other situations where the administrative assistant of a Liberal MLA has written the letter to the editor, it has been published by CanWest and she put her husband's name on the letter as the writer(I thought they verified these letters).She divulged to a relative that this is common practice.It is indeed a crooked government with little understanding of what is right or wrong. But as John English mentioned in a previous statement they do not get a pension any more so they have to do what they have to do.

Amazing, I have worked for a Cabinet Minister before and know you can not make calls without identifying yourself.

Remember the letter scandel when the Socreds wrote letters with phoney names and phoney addresses. I know most in politics since have been pretty clear, that's a no-no. Though I expect a few continue to try.

Maybe Peter, I mean Prem, missed that day in Politics 101.

How much was he being paid for this job anyway? I expect it was in the 80 to 100 range. For the former owner of JackPine that can't hurt too much.


Rick Barnes
Former EA to David Zirnhelt

Hmm.. wonder what kind of severence package Mr. Vinning negotiated for himself during those heated contract discussions with Gordo. How much will this blunder cost the taxpayers. 3 days work should equate to about 40 to 60 k buyout. Better thing would be for Gordo to get the value for the money and keep him around. I mean, if shedding a few tears about having human failings after committing a crime in Hawaii can get you off the hook with the media in this province, what's wrong with a person with some credibility issues being kept around as some political hack???

I can see it now. Mr. Vinning holds a press conference, and the first question Mr. Holman asks "should we call you Prem or Peter?" To which Mr. Vinning says, "Actually My real name (for today) is Paul, but you can call me Fred, or wait a minute... Hey Gordo, what name did you tell me to use when answering these questions? I'm sorry ladies and gentleman, I'm soo confused." then the tears start flowing, as Mr. Vinning suddenlyu claims to suffer from MPSD (Multiple Personality Disorder) and asks that the people of BC forgive him for his self proclaimed affliction, and that since this incident occurred he has been in intensive treatment and the prognosis is good, so he's quite confident in his ability to return to the job he was given. At this point, Gordo comes forward, puts his arm around Mr. Vinning's shoulders and proclaims that he and the people of BC are with Mr. Vinning and 100% behind him, and are looking forward to his hard work in the position of Director of Asian Pacific Trade and Economic Development.

Never say never in BC Politics.... that's for sure.

kegler, you're hired! When i become Premier, you're going to be recurited to the position of king handler.

It was interesting to watch the sleazemaster Gordo on TV saying it was behind us , and time to get on with business. Reminds me of Dick Nixon.

A must read that kegler's letter .Quite a hoot and so believable! This is an example of how Lib's want the business word to operate, a short education if you will. Precious just precious.
Well just invoice the peole that are least likey to be able to grab it back,order of the next day, rule by fiat! What a lark this politics is ,next an entertainment tax will be due.

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