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Former Toronto Dominion Securities Inc. chief economist Paul Summerville didn't end up running for the provincial New Democrat nomination in Oak Bay-Gordon Head - in part, because party hierarchs seemed unwilling to forcefully ask his would-be competitor, Greater Victoria school board chair Charley Beresford, to step aside and make room for the late entrant star candidate. But that unwillingness doesn't seem to have hurt Mr. Summerville's feelings because he showed up on Saturday to deliver Ms. Beresford's nominating speech.

Said one insider who attended the coronation, "You know that old rule to make sure nominators don't speak better than the candidate. He broke it. He was very good. Very smooth-tongued. He has a decade of media experience with the BBC and CNN as their go-to-guy for the Asian economy. So for anyone in the room that might have understood he was an option that was being pushed around (to run in Oak Bay-Gordon Head), they might have wondered why he wasn't running." Insiders also tell us Mr. Summerville recently assisted Victoria-Hillside election candidate Rob Fleming prepare his nomination meeting stump speech.


Charley Beresford is a decent enough candidate for Oak Bay-Gordon Head.

As I've argued here before, given that there are no winnable ridings available for him to run in, he would make a good candidate for Vancouver-Quilchenda.

Most of the media is in Vancouver, so it would make more sense for a guy who could be the 'economic voice of the NDP' to run there, and, since he wouldn't have a hope in hell of winning, he could spend all his time dealing with the media, and wouldn't even have to campaign in the riding for a single day.

I also don't think anybody would regard a bank economist, even one from Victoria, as a parachute candidate in Vancouver-Quilchena.

wow. this is all hearsay, and very shabby hearsay at that. very redeemable, public eye. oh, very.

hey huh

what the heck you talking about? it's hearsay that the fella nominated the candidate? (there were witnesses) that he helped fleming craft his speech? that adam t thinks he'd be better off running elsewhere?

i am duh montoya, you killed our language, prepare to buy a dcitnionary


Worry not, loyalty will be repaid.

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