It's funny cause it's true

Lefties aren't exactly known for their ability to laugh at themselves. After all, pursuing the cause of social justice is very serious business (big frowns everyone). But there's always exceptions to every rule. Over at Babble, the progressive crowd is currently discussing whether labour organizer Kelly Quinn's criminal record contributed to her defeat during the Vancouver-Kensington nomination race. That discussion prompted one wit to point out, "if it was divulged that (Premier) Gordon Campbell used a coathanger to steal a pack of Juicy Fruit from a vending machine in 1971, there'd be no fewer than three different threads on babble calling for his immediate resignation, and two more complaining that he won't be getting any jail time for it."


I have not seen too much humour coming from the right side of the spectre but quite a bit of hate, poor bashing , labour bashing etc.It is like Trevor Carolan's comments when Ted White was defeated in North Van that the MP's letters to the constituents lightened up quite a bit from the relentless negativity and misanthropy. As a leftie though I must admit it is hard not to be cynical and humourless with the hypocrisy of the media and corporate agenda of this government which is handing over control to big business.
As well the pursuing the cause of social justice is as serious a business as pursuing self aggrandisement by Sean Holman.Hey, there goes the lack of humour by a leftie once again.Hey but humour is in the eye of the beholder and perceived uniquely by the butt of the joke.

I would think perhaps sb and other leftie's lack of humour stems from the fact their beloved NDP made BC a complete joke and the laughing stock of Canada.

The 1990's under the NDP was enough to ruin anyone's sense of humour.

Yes "sb" you do lack humour as admittedly the gravitus of changing the world can do that,agreed.
But unfornately the lefties seem to not have a predisposed gene for the kind of predmediated persuasion let's say, of the rightists.Like you the ideologues on the right side of the spectrum are organized beforehand to have a plan and a drive ,ego say, to carry out at all costs the agenda.
The lefties today seem to forget the public uncommited swing voters listen to all corners usually,it looks like the sixties new left is waning and the Fabian forces of the NDP are too entrenched in the unions pocket, still.
The next election may be a face off of the poles and the power to persuade is obviously in gordon c.'s corner.
How could any other politican survive a DUI scandal with such aplomb?

You hacks are almost all humourless...

BC's stupidly arrogant Liberals believe they turned around the economy in one year. The reality is that these clowns had little or none to do with the recovery - unless they're really smart and have figured out how to manipulate international commodity prices. Record high oil, natural gas, and rapidly rising mineral prices, combined with steadily high pulp and lumber prices have been at the core of the BC recovery. If it weren't for investment in roads, schools, and citizens in the 1990's, we'd be ill preprared to take advantage of the turnaround in commodity prices.

Typical though - when times are good - the right gives everything away in tax cuts and takes credit for the good times. When times turn bad, the left must come in, clean up the mess, rebuild the infrastructure, and suck up the bad politics of a recessionary economy.

You've earned your name well poindexter. Sadly, my taxes are probably paying your wages to spout your partisan drivel. And no, I don't think thats funny.

I don't think it's the Liberals being stupidly ignorant in this case Foundations. You really must live in some sort of fantasy world. Incredible that you could convince yourself that BC under the NDP was good!! Even a lot of die hard NDPers admit there were some major bad decisions made.

Under the NDP:
-BC was last in economic growth
-Last in investment growth
-Last in employment growth
-Debt doubled
-largest increases in business bankruptcies
-BC became a have not province
-eight consecutive deficits
-Two credit rating DOWNGRADES
-Tax increases
-$340M for Skeena Cellulose bailout
-$1.2B in FRBC spending which was a total joke - I saw it first hand
-Fast Ferries (couldn't leave that out)
-2 fudget budgets
and the list can go on...

The NDP chased business out of BC during the '90's. Now, I know it's hard for you to understand that private enterprise supplies the jobs in BC and not public sector unions Foundations. But the fact is that business brings jobs.

The Liberals have made BC business friendly, and businesses are coming back to BC, along with the people who moved to Alberta under the NDP.

Yes commmodity prices are making BC's economy strong, but it is the Liberals who are putting BC in the position to benefit and make the most of the better world economy.

So don't worry about your taxes paying my salary, I take care of that myself. I take this stand because I know that the NDP will turn this province into a socialist nightmare, and in turn will ruin my business and a lot of other hard working small business people I know.

You obviously don't live in BC because the information you are putting into print is about as reliable as Global. Get a job

poindexter is gordon campbell

once again the left comes out swinging with....well, FA basically.

You guys sound a bit put off...thanks for that jb, I'll work on that job thing...I get the feeling you have no idea what work is.

Poindexter, what you are writing is not spin, it is bullshit.

Accidentally, I looked at this blogsite and am truly grieved to see the harm and hate being hurled from one citizen to another. Stop it!

There's work to be done.

Poindexter, save your breath, the lefties could care less about what is good for BC, they care only about themselves. Why do you think all of the Unions spend millions supporting the NDP? Simply because they expect a finical reward in terms of a more lucrative contract for the membership and party faithful that they serve. BC Public sector Unions by their very nature say, "we are for sale, show us the money and we will support you”. People like Sinclair, Heyman and O' Neill are nothing more then pimps selling their members "vote" (support) to the highest this case the NDP. The really sad part is that despite the fact that the NDP never deliver, the fools still vote as the pimps (Union leaders) tell them too. All those pimps (Sinclair, Heyman and O’Neill) think that by hiding behind a puppet like Carole James they can somehow get more “support” by playing the "doom and gloom" game against people that actually know what hard work is all about. What is even more despicable is how the NDP try to hide behind the “less fortunate” and try to GUILT people into voting for the NDP/socialist agenda as if to imply that somehow having some hospital toilet bowl scrubber making $ 20 hour somehow helps out the homeless and the health care system at the same time. Absolutely disgusting how low the NDP will go.

Kevin, the NDP is hiding behind the less fortunate? It is BC Liberals who are pissing off the people of BC. What you write will not change that. Liberal use of the word pimp for anyone who does not agree with you does not improve your fatuous arguments. In other words, you are full of crap, Kevin. For example 95% of NDP donations are from individuals, the rest are from unions and corporations. 90% of the BC Liberal donations are from corporations.

Why must parties always try to take partisan advantage of recessions? The economic problems BC suffered was largely a result of an international economic recession at the time. The US under Busn I was also under a recession, Canada was in a recession under Mulroney. The political ideology of a single province was not responsible for the economic problems that existed.

BC was also affected by the economic recession in Asia in 1997, as well as low commodity prices.

And for the record, lefties have a good sense of humour. Look at Hollywood, it sure would be a lot more boring if it was ran by Republicans. Kevin Costner, Dennis Miller are conservative. I rest my case.

Sue, stop it! How can I respond to a scathing post like that??

Rather than swearing and huffing and puffing, do you have anything constructive to say? You may think it is BS but you can spend 10 minutes on the internet and find those points.

They are fact - it's neither spin nor BS - it happened. So suck it up Sue. Sounds like you have nothing.

I have plenty to say, poindexter. If you found your "true facts" someone else then you have found a true source of bullshit. I will agree with you that it is not spin, but what you are writing is, undeniably, bullshit.

Come to the Tyee and see what I have written. You will find me there. You have less than nothing. You are totally uncritical.

The Tyee? Isn't that the union-funded propaganda mill? Are you the best they can do?

Sitting at your keyboards, sniping from right and left, straining to justify your blind loyalty to your chosen idealogy. What sad, pathetic little people you all are.

I am certainly not the beset that the Tyee has to offer.

Try reading the Tyee, Memo to Dix, before you make such comments. The Vancouver Sun and Province print garbage on a regular basis. If you want more depth, you should read what the opposition is saying. Right-wing whining about the evils of unions is nonsense.

How could I be the best when I did not spell best correctly? :)

paranoid Kevin and his union conspiracy theories continue predictably.Same old same old Kevin.You must be tweedly dee and pointdexter must be tweedly dumb.

Sean- your site is better than this. Leave this shite to Babble and restore the Public Eye with a bit of dignity.

Some observations. First I think Poindexter should be sued for plagurism by the Fiberals for cutting and pasting their blather out of the New Error err Era document. And Larsen, we've been around this before, if you're going to attack the public sector unions, attack the public sector unions, and leave us private sector union types out of your generalizations. That's what I'm sick and tired of the most on here. You work for a union and you make (for the most part) decent money and have good benefits and you're attacked for doing so, no matter who you work for or what you do. I'm not going back into the debate of union vs non union or the good of being union vs the bad.

As for the people talking about lack of senses of humour from both sides of the spectrum.... HELLO... we're all somewhat politically active and opiniated on here. And if I'm not mistaken there's an election coming up in 116 days, that means less than 100 days til the campaign officially takes off. Its amazing how all the suddenly defensive the Liberal backers have become to any and all criticism, warranted or not. But isn't that what politics is all about, not just your vision of the perfect world but having to defend it, justify it, portray it and basically sell it to the masses that bother to pick up a ballot (those approx 30 to 40 percent of the eligible population in this province) and vote.

Unfortunately, generally the first thing to disappear during heated debates, campaigns and the like are senses of humour. And that goes for both sides.

Sue Clark: "I have plenty to say, poindexter. If you found your "true facts" someone else then you have found a true source of bullshit. I will agree with you that it is not spin, but what you are writing is, undeniably, bullshit."

Now that's funny!

Please Sue. I am begging you. Do your best to convince your platformless leader Carol James to follow your lead. The NDP campaign slogan could be "Back to the Glorious 1990's!"

Think of it Sue. Why bow to the vicious twisting of history at the hounds of the evil corporate media? Stand up for the momentous achievements of the Glen Clark and Dan Miller!

Everything was perfect back then. I have yet to understand why British Columbians rose en masse and evicted the NDP from office. Tell them how stupid and wrong headed they were and promise that nothing will change!

You're right. Everything in the 1990's was terrific! Go with that. Seriously.

Kegler does it really matter where I got the info? This isn't a poetry contest... The fact is it demonstrates:

a) the NDP is really good at throwing lots of money at any issue, and if that doesn't work they just throw more, and

b)the NDP did a really good job of taking BC from being one of the top performing provinces to being one of the worst.

It is as simple as that, and from what I have seen from the illustrious Carole James, not much has changed, or would change.

Excuse me if i plagarize but it is inadvertent if you dear reader perceive it so.
Does noone remember theNDP bingogate ?
Also our esteemed Mr. Harcourt was proded to change the bankruptcy rules to put the Banks and other institution first in the queue to collect from assests of a firm floundering,the employees were shunted to second place and that was noticed by me.The neo con pressure from the rest of north america ,according to the word at the time , insisted that BC be in step, miracles of miracles BC's credit rating set in NY rebounded.
Now try to tell me that BC is not influenced by Foreign nationals?
That was unforunate for the NDP ,the press seemed not to dwell on it ,natch.
But on the whole we dance with the one whom brought us. The libs,so called, called the tune and we dance hope that no one gets screwed after the dance, quite often that happens you know.
Poindexter may be or not Gordon C. so be on your best behaviour, please.That is the caution in every office of provincial interface with its citizens.

The left has no sense of humour? Not true Sean, I get a big laff out of you....db

I think it's easy to lob about insults and accusations when you can be anonymous. I give credit to those who use their own names and not hide behind a "handle" regardless of what side they take or how they approach their views when they post to this site.

Any letters to the editor of any paper request actual names before they post a letter. I also realise the nature and spontaneity of a Weblog.

Sean - maybe it's time to start asking for payment for the viewing of full stories; it may keep away those with not much to say and/or critisms of this site and your style.

Common people, put your money where your mouths are.

A couple of points.
1. Harcourt nor his government had nothing to do with the so called Bingogate. He ordered an inquiry into the affair after those who were charged were dealt with. The BC Liberals cancelled the inquiry before it was finished its work.
2. glen Clark and his government had the "Fast Ferries" built. I never knew why they or anyone else wanted fast ferries since a lot of the time is spent waiting for the ferry. In any event he tried to build these ferries in BC to promote ship building in BC and give jobs to BCer's. The ferries didn't work the way they were built and were put in a shipyard. Along comes Gorden Campbell and he gets drunk in Hawaii. The day of his conviction also happened to be the day that these ferries are auctioned off. This was a rush job because the BC Liberals needed a story to hit the newsstands when Campbell get a criminal record. The BC Liberals sold the freeies for a few million when they were worth hundreds of millions. That is the true scandel of the ferries. The could have been refitted here in BC at a much smaller cost than it will cost to build new ones in Germany.
3. Many of these comments are very devisive and they are splitting the citizens of thes province. It seems Campbell wants to continue to behave like that as he attacks the working people of the province even if they arn't unionized. Campbell never meets the working people only behind closed doors to select guests who are invited. Carol James has met with union workers and business groups. Her actions are showing that she will be a leader for all the people of the province not just special interest gtoups who give support to one party or another.
4. Be careful when you say Carol James doesn't have a platform. Campbell had one for the last election and they were not worth the paper they were written on as he went on to break so many promises. Several years ago they was a highly regarded publication called the "I.F. Stone Weekly" written by I.F. Stone. He was asked why he never went to press conferences put on by politicians. He said that they usually speak to make themselves look good and I will critic them for there actions, for what they do. Many of our reportes and journalists seem to take the politicians at there word and many of the rants that are above reflect that.

sorry but thats scarry, i think pointdexter and sue should do it ,, o.k. and kegler,, wow is it budhism ,did you ever soften out,kudos....

if the ndp get in i,m moving to the states,
tommy douglas was a [pioneer] i,s up to us???

happy trails


Is Sue Clark denying that Skeena Cellulose received a $340 million cash injection to try an save the firm and jobs in northern BC?

can,t you tell sue clark is a ,misinformed ,re incarnation of joy[ lets make movies] Mcphail,
poor carole,kwan can,t shift gears in that little SUV,,,, TRANSLATION ,can u afford me??
or else,,.

Carole James has a platform? What would that be – Having party hacks give her misinformation from what was said in the Hansard so she can publicly humiliate herself in trying to misquote Richard Neufeld – this is a platform? Carole James is a joke and nothing more than a Union puppet. Make that a public sector Union puppet just so we can keep the reverend Kegler happy.

Gordon Campbell keeps a copy of 'Mein Kampf' on his bedside table, just over top of 'The Prince'. Remember what Mussolini said, that fascism more correctly should be called corporatism. The 'Liberals' have sold us all down the river to corporations. CanWest Global is their not-so-silent partner.

The last 3 1/2 years is enough to make anyone lose their sense of humour. And isn`t it also a joke to listen to party hacks like Larsen try to ignore the BS of the same 3 1/2 years?

And by the way nic, I wish I could understand what it is you are trying to say on your many posts.

I'm not sure I understand what you're saying granet, coporatism and facism are close, but corporatism has nothing to do with privatization and corporations per se. I has to do with the formalized structure of governments and includes unions in its relationships.
The Liberal government does not have a corporatist structure at all.

I'm not sure I understand what you're saying granet..

It has to do with corporate power and influence, with decisions primarily made in consultation with, and for the benefit of corporations as opposed the populace as a whole; its not a conspiracy as such, nor does it have yet a formal structure, but rather follows naturally from the (often corrupt) influence of large amounts of money. Privatization is part of the agenda of corporations because they benefit directly; anti-union measures and lower wages, well... same thing.

Well what you're describing is not Corporatism. Corporatism requires a formalized structure, to say that what we have is Coporatism is to be misuse a very specific term that describes a specific system.

BC's political system is pluralist, further, in the Corporatist structure the Unions are one type of "coporation" that is given legislative power. Corporations as political entities have nothing to do with a Corporatist political system.
I know that this term has come to be seen as simply meaning that a "corporation" has great influence over a given party, but with this in mind we would have to say that Unions are also "corporations" as well. However to call this a "co

Fair enough, I suppose I have switched the historical meaning, which Mussolini intended, for the more contemporary meaning, for my own purposes.

Wikpedia has a decent overview.

wow, you guys have been busy. But the simple fact is that, so far NDP guys, I don't see much. What, the weak conspiracy theory of selling the PatheticCats cheap, while conveniently failing to mention their cost etc? Yeaaaah....

Parkhusrt the last 3 1/2 years have been great for BC by almost any measure. However, the same can't be said of 10 yrs of NDP governance. Ridiculous contracts with public sector unions, "fair" wage policy, Bill 44 (which never got anywhere thankfully), a complete anti-business ideology. The point is there are endless examples of the NDP's complete and utter incompetence.

Look at the BC economy now, and don't give me the "oh high commodity prices and not the Liberals are responsible" crap. In 1990 mining investment in BC was $220M, by '98 it was $22M. During that time mining in the REST of Canada climbed! In '98 BC barely beat out PEI for mining investment dollars. PEI!! What kind of mining industry is in PEI these days?! The NDP killed it with their anti-everything-but-socialism policies.

What makes Carole James and the "new" NDP any different? I've heard what she has to say, and I've seen Jim Sinclair right behind her telling her what to say.

Poindexter... a few POINts. First of all you talk about the ridiculous contracts with the public sector unions. How then do you justify the BC Rail sale, and all the secrets and shenanigans that have gone on with that. From what I faintly remember out of Mr. Campbell's mouth was that he was going to leave BC Rail alone, and not tear up freely negotiated collective agreements. Could you perhaps also explain what other reasons foreby government policy affected mining investment in this province? Were commodity prices sky high at that time? Was the economy and resource sector booming at that time? Were commodities and resources in high demand at premium prices at that time? Please expand on how mining investment or lack thereof can be laid solely at the feet of a government that was sensitive to the environment and protecting it, by expanding parklands and the like. When prices are up, investment expands, when they're down, investment in mining and other resource sectors tends to go down.

Not like the fiberals who's first environment minister stated that she wasn't there to enforce the policies, and to protect the environment, rather to facilitate the opening up and elimination of regulations that inhibited businesses from doing what they do. Of course, when things got really heated in her ministry, that fateful day in Kamloops, she was no where to be seen, leaving it up to Coleman, Campbell, and the rest of the spinners, to cover up for her incompetence.

You also mention the Fast Ferry deal previously. I predict that the long term losses to the BC people on the selling off of BC Rail will make the fast ferries look like chickens feed. And also the RAV Line and how that was rammed down everyone's throats by Kevin Falcon and Campbell. Anyone with any sense of ridership can see that the projections are sooo far off base that the entire province will be on the hook for the shortfalls in revenues to the private contractor, and continue paying for this for years to come.

Any predictions on who the next Liberal cabinet minister will be to pull the parachute or jump in the life boat off the SS. Gordo Campbell?? Geoff Plant doesn't count because he's been hinting he's leaving for family reasons for the past while now.

BC Rail was profitable for only 3 of the past 15 years, and the trend was not expected to continue by the rail industry. It was a decision to protect taxpayers from sinking money into another crown corp that could not possibly be run efficiently by gov't.

And tearing up contracts? Do you remember Carrier Lumber? Sounds like the NDP ripped up that contract...

Ever hear of the Tatshenshini (Windy Craggy)? Geddes Resources spent tens of millions of dollars going through all the right channels to pusue a mining project valued at over $8Billion and 1000's of jobs. They did everything right. And what did the NDP do? They turned the project and the surrounding area into a park twice the size of PEI - an area completely inaccessible to anyone without a helicopter. Even groups like the Sierra Club and WCWC had only wanted half of that area, which would of allowed the project to exist.

Unlike the NDP's bid to create a global industry in BC out of absolutely nothing, RAV has private involvement that is based on past project experience - not the gov'ts fantasyland vision to make it a new industry that the gov't, and only gov't, will fund and control. Any overruns are the private company's responsibility, not the gov'ts as it was with the PathetiCats.

Poindexter you forgot to mention the $600 million the NDP wrote off of BC Rail's debt as it relates to Northeast Coal - this was highlighted in an excellent article by Vaughan Palmer last week in the Sun but then Kegler feels that the Liberals can do no right and the NDP can do no wrong - I also wonder that if BC had to restate its books like Nortel did to GAAP what the Rev Kegler would be saying when the debt and yearly losses of Crown Corps like BC Rail, BC Ferries and ICBC was added to the balance budget that Glen Clark ran on in 1996 and the so called balanced last two NDP budgets.
Kegler - has the province of BC or BC Hydro received all the money owing to it from California and if not whose budget should show that debt.

Kegler asks "Could you perhaps also explain what other reasons foreby (NDP) government policy affected mining investment in this province?"

Where do we start Kegler? There are so many ways that the NDP systematically destroyed the mining industry in BC. Was it when the NDP canned the $ 8 Billion dollar Windy Craggy Project – flushing many years and millions of dollars invested by the resource company into the toilet? Was it the water tax increase they rammed down the Industry’s throat after promising that they would not? Was it the Corporation Capital Tax the NDP knifed into the Industry when it was already bleeding? Placer Dome once had four mines here in BC and told the NDP to change policy directions or mines would close. The NDP, of course did nothing as always. Mines closed in BC that continued to operate in Ontario. Hard to blame the international market for that, not to mention all of the “death” taxes the NDP created for this Industry.

Cominco reported a loss after having to pay $ 61 million in taxes alone. Mining assets shrunk from $8 billion to 3 Billion in just six NDP governed years. Ask anyone in the mining industry what they think of the NDP Government. Just ask.

The NDP gov`t was just fine, thank you.

Parkhurst - the people obviously agreed with you on May 17, 2001.
Miner49'er - it will be interesting to see how much money the Steelworkers union contributes to the NDP in the mining ridings in this year's election.

Not to worry dmb, the NDP will deliver the Union vote. If in doubt look no further than today's newspapers. Ten years under the NDP and the good ol' BCTF never got the golden deal that their brothers and sisters in the HEU did, why do you think BCTF members like Chudnovsky and others are trying to slither into the legislature? Today those "caring" professionals are spending hard earned Union dollars for political propaganda in the newspapers. Funny how the BCTF like to mention fewer schools and fewer teachers but somehow NO MENTION of the nearly 26,000 FEWER STUDENTS in those classrooms. A very significant statistic to overlook from a group entrusted to educate our kids. And teachers seriously wonder why they get no respect ?

From what I understand, the numbers of closed schools takes into account the lower student enrollment numbers. There have been many more than 113 schools closed and it is reasonable that some would close due to decreased enrollment.

The 113 closed schools that the BCTF refer to include schools like Wells, a small community with the same, or increased enrollment but the local school district figured out that it is cheaper to bus the children for two-three hours a day to the next bigger school than it is to keep the community school open.

"The NDP gov`t was just fine, thank you."

Holy crap that was funny, I almost smashed my head on the desk falling out of my chair laughing!!

poindexter - let's hope we never have to let parkhurst select a fine wine for us - he would probably buy us fuddle or baby duck.

Getting back to the teachers - how many times during the good old days of the NDP gov't was a contract imposed on them by their friends in the NDP

so true dmb, and anytime a lover's spat occured between big labour and the NDP in the '90's, it was merely a pillow fight for the media.

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