Slow motion train wreck pulling into station

Let us, for a moment, do some strategic thinking on behalf of the Campbell administration. Earlier this week, Public Eye reported the premier had personally invited his MLAs to attend a reception at the Royal British Columbia Museum "in honour of the National Caucus of the Conservative Party of Canada." Hmmm...two right-wing parties in the same place, at the same time, right in the middle of a New Democrat stronghold. Boy oh, the professional protesting classes must be salivating over that prospect. But, wait, there's more.

Today, the Canadian Press is reporting "The Conservative party will launch a national advertising campaign this week, targeting Canadian ethnic groups with the party's stand against gay marriage" So it shouldn't too hard for the professional protesters to convince gay rights activists to join whatever demonstration they're planning for January 25. Oh, and wait, won't that raise the issue of whether the Campbell administration is being taken over by social conservatives? Public Eye could go on but we think you get the idea.


Funny, you'd think so. But in fact it's the federal young liberals trying to organize a "non-partisan" protest. Myself and other Young New Democrats have been approached by young fedral liberals to attend and we laughed at them. Much like when the young liberals approached me to stage a pro choice rally when stephen harper was here for the federal election in June. I laughed at them then as well. And they made fools of themselves judging by your June 8th coverage of the event.

Scott - I guess you must support Harper then. Your silence means support.

Harper and the rest of the federal Consevatives must be suffering from Ottawa brain freeze.

The contry's immigration system is a complete shambles and the Liberal government's inability to run it in an even handed and sensitive manner is front page news.

So instead of launching a series of ad's on the Party's commitment to creating a sensitive and efficient immigration strategy - they spend the Party's scarce resources to go bash gay marriage - again.

This issue is pretty well dead now for most Canadians and for the majority of west coasters it smacks of bigotry.

Harper and his gang are really goofing on this one.

The Conservative Party of Canada has launched a
national advertising campaign against same-sex
marriage. Their entire caucus, including
Stephen Harper, will be in Victoria next week. Since they are in our backyard this will be the perfect opportunity to make pro same-sex marriage voices heard.

I think its our duty to go out and let the
conservative caucus and the national media know how we feel on this issue. We know that there are
some Conservative MPs who are in favour of same-sex marriage and we want to encourage as many of them as possible to vote in favour of this issue.

Several gay rights clubs are showing interest in the friendly rally. The Young Liberals of Canada have been fighting for this issue for almost a
decade and I am encouraging my club members to
participate as well.

This is not a protest against something; this is a protest for something.

Taking a political viewpoint, we would like to
encourage people from all parts of the political
spectrum to participate and make the rally
non-partisan, placing the importance back where it belongs - on the issue.

Adam Trombley
Director of Finance, UVic Young Liberals of Canada

Way to go Adam. Mr. Hart, Adam and I all attended Universities Model Parliament in Victoria earlier this month.

So what exactly are the mighty Young New Democrats doing Mr. Hart? The Federal Young Liberals have indeed been organizing to ensure youth are heard on issues like missile defence and same-sex marriage. We have resolutions with the support of close to a thousand youth across this country supporting us moving into our national convention. We have acted on the Darfur Crisis, a National Housing Strategy, and far more - very serious issues, Mr. Hart, not laughable - at least in our perspective.

The Federal Young Liberals take the future of this country seriously. We put our time and reputations on the line to affect strong policy change. I would certainly invite the YND to join us in these fights, but, please dont "laugh" at issues that have such a wide-ranging effect on the lives of so many.

Braeden Caley
Director of Policy, UBC Young Liberals of Canada

The very reason why there is any worry that same sex marriage legislation won't go through, or that missile defense will go through is due to the fact that several Liberal MPs don't support same sex marriage and several support missile defense.

Don't mention housing. The Liberals cut the national housing strategy in the early nineties. Paul Martin is in government, David Anderson is our MP and we have an ever increasing homeless population. The only reason it's a liberal issue is not because of the NDP but because of the work Jack Layton did, both in writing his book Homelessness, and his making it a national issue at the Canadian Federation of Municipalities. The NDP jumped on his bandwagon and smartly elected him leader.

Same sex marriage is legal because gay couples decided to challenge this government in court and they won.

Liberals are opportunists.

Well said Scott.Much more effective and concise.

The BC Libs are going to make gay marriage an election issue...thereby shoring up the Indo-Canadian vote. You missed reporting the whole religious edict that came out of the Punjab marriage isn't too popular among Sikhs.

The Libs are taking a page from the political playbook of our friends down south.

Scary...but effective. I hope you NDP folks are taking notice of this...I'd love to see a government this election that isn't entirely one-sided (on either the Left or the Right).


Scott Hart's comments are pathetic. There is only one opportunist involved in this discussion and that is Scott Hart.

I was at this rally, which I heard about through a poster at UVic. There were around 100 people there who wanted to have their say on an important issue. There were gay pride groups, of which I am a member, the United Church, several student groups, some people from the Green party and I even spoke to two Marxist-Leninists. And there were Liberals there and the way they held their copies of the Charter of Rights & Freedoms with pride and defended the charter while speaking put a lump in my throat.

And Scott Hart makes petty comments about that commitment, calling them illegitimate. Pathetic. You are the only opportunist, Scott Hart. You tried to turn the good intention of these people into political gain. You tried to make them look stupid for defending what they believe in. You are the opportunist.

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