Mighty Quinn knocked out in first round

Red guards disappointed by moderate Victoria city councillor Rob Fleming's New Democrat nomination victory in Victoria-Hillside will be cheered by this news. Former British Columbia Teachers' Federation president and class warrior David Chudnovsky has taken the Vancouver-Kensington nomination on the first ballot, with 246 votes out of 444 cast. Our spies report British Columbia Cancer Agency lab technician Ravinderjit Shergill got 98 votes and Umendra Singh, owner/editor of The Asian Star, received 67. Labour organizer Kelly Quinn, who had been the target of an apparent whisper campaign, came in last with 33 ballots being cast in her favour.


This is good news! A modern social democratic party needs to have the likes of Gregor Robertson AND David Chudnovsky. There is nothing wrong with appealing to our important small business community, but we have to remember our roots.

I support balance for the NDP. An entire slate of "mushy middle" types is unhealthy, and so is an entire slate of "union hardliners." A healthy, productive balance between the pro-progressive business side and the traditional left-wing core is the best path for the NDP.

Chalk up another loss from the Cope/Moncton crowd. How many more till they lose all creditability? Living off that municipal election is getting abit much. Let's see how their next candidate does- Raj Sihota!

It's true. This vancouver former COPE organizer crowd couldn't organize their way out of a wet paper bag. After riding Larry Campbell's coattails to victory in the municipal election, they claimed all the credit and promoted themselves a star organizers. Well, they have now lost 1 leadership race, 2 federal races (Waddell and Stewart) and now Kelly Quinn. Raj Sihota must not be far behind. Talk about your over-hyping. These guys should be finished.

This COPE crowd must be the most useless organizers on the planet! They got lucky and took all the credit for the COPE win but lately, everything they touch turns to shit! Look at Neil Moncton's disasterous management of the Ian Waddel campaign.

I agree with True That. These guys should be finished. Something tells me though, as usual, they'll walk away from this one and pretend that they weren't really that involved with this campaign.

To have your dirty laundry washed in public for just 33 ballots and loosing to a hardliner in the process. Makes you appreciate just how low some in the NDP will go. Was Quinn really that big of a threat ?

That seems to be the modus operandi of a certain other candidate, to spread nasty rumours. Not a very nice individual IMHO.

The problem was the rumours are true.

But 33 votes? Come on. I wouldn't blame this loss so much on the romour mongering as much as I would on the complete ineptitude of the COPE/Moncton crowd. These guys couldn't organize a bowel movement!

Couldn't agree more with the above comments.

The obnoxious COPE/Moncton group is going down, like the Titanic, while the band plays "Nearer My God, To Thee"


I was at the nominating meeting last night and was very discouraged by the half truths and flat out lies that were coming from the Chud supporters. But if that is how the BCTF wants to take over the NDP then more power to them.

Guess the other nominees should have expected as much from the man who refused to direct his Teachers to vote for the NDP in saying 'We can work with either party'. As for him being a representive of the NDP roots? SHAME! Tommy Douglas would have turned in his grave idf he heard some of the Dribble coming from Chud's mouth at the debate!

You want to know why BC voters are going to re-elect the Campbell Government?

Because New Democrats are not capable of shutting their mouth and focusing on what is productive.

A candidate wins the nomination without any real problems on election night and the only thing New Democrats can do is kick the crap out of each other, including the winning side.

You may not like it but BC voters want a strong, disciplined and focused government. I am not suggesting by any means that the Campbell government should be re-elected. They are a mean spirited government that only represents a few interests in BC.

If the NDP lose the next election they only have themselves to blame. The stage is set but they are not able to sit together.

It's not just the NDP that does this perfect. Think back a ways to the BC Liberals post 1991. Even up to today. There's sniping that goes on no matter what level of politics is involved. Lynn Stephens is giving it in droves to Mary Polak. North Van just went through a nomination where Dan Jensen(probably got the name wrong) was contested by a lawyer with a slight bend to the hard right on a wide variety of issues.

Federally, Val Meredith, Herb Dhaliwal, and others were taken out by people sniping at them from different areas of the spectrum. I think one of the problems with BC politics is that the 2 main parties are made up of coalitions of various groups. With the Liberals, you have elements of the party that are moderate centreists, even pragmatic, and others who are out there on the far right, combined with huge corporate interests. With the NDP you have a wide variety of interests, from specific issues such as environment and a host of other social interests, right to the faction of the party called Left Turn. There are those like me that wish that the extremeism in BC politics would stop, but then again, if it did, where would all the fun be in politics.

You have basically the entire economic perspective represented in the 2 parties. The Liberals are corporate management funded, and the NDP is working people funded. Yes there are unions that contribute $$$ and effort, and the Liberals have done a masterful job of trying to portray this as some kind of evil, all the while Corporate donations to the Liberals makes up a far bigger percentage of their funding than union donations to the NDP.

But back to the original thought, no matter what's at stake, when you put your name forward for any elected position, public or private, people are going to gun for you full bore. And try to knock you off anyway they can. Thats just politics.

Campbell WILL get re-elected if the Neil Moncton crowd plays any role in Vancouver. Quinn's loss has nothing to do with Chudnovsky, but POOR ORGANIZATION. Sure, the criminal record hurt her, but let's not forget, that came out late in the game. 33 votes shows that the Moncton crowd brings nothing to the table. I can't believe thast they still have any credibility left!

David Chudnovsky, Ruth Herman, Anne Roberts and others like them constantly speak of affirmative action. But in the end they put forward themselves. They say we need more persons of colour in office, they say we need more women at the table, but in the end who do they put forward? David Chudnovsky, Mel Lehan, and Shane Simpson. So when does the affirmative action start? I guess we should just shut up and wait our turn - hegemony will some day work for us too ... won't it?

I agree. This Vancouver/COPE/Monckton crowd are absolutely useless. They are horrible organizers. A bunch of odd people who fashion themselves as young, funky politicos who can't organize and run campaigns that fail to connect to regular people. I hope Carole James looks at this and the soon to be defeat of Raj Sihota as a sign to clean this elitist group out of the Provincial Office and remove their influence in the party.

I agree those COPE folks are nuts: Ruth Herman, Carmella Alevato, Neil Mockton, and Tim Louis don't have a clue what they are doing. They should all go back and join the communist party where they came from.

Look for Janet Steffenhagen in the Vancouver Sun to begin a series of articles painting David Chudnovsky as not just an advocate for teachers, but an enemy of parents and students, and an unreconstructed featherbedder, not a professional arguing for quality public services. Janet on the education beat, ... and Pamela Fayerman on the health beat, these are two of the Vancouver Sun's>/i> key propagandists, sophisticated word merchants covering an issue space of great saliency to left-of-centre voters.

I have yet to hear Carole James say something warm and fuzzy about Mr. Chudnovsky – Does he not also represent her “moderate” views on the NDP as Fleming does? Or is he a hardliner? Perhaps she is too “busy” being re-programmed after Vaughn Palmer exposed her for the fraud she truly is in trying to misquote Richard Nuefeld’s comments about the coal industry. What a complete embarrassment. Her handlers deserve to be ousted for putting Carole in such a piss-poor position. Imagine being publicly humiliated in the Vancouver Sun all because some party hack does not comprehend BC Geography. It’s not like whoever the idiot was that suggested Carole take such an ill-informed stand could not look up the Hansard comments on the Internet – They are all publicly posted. Maybe Chudnovsky can educate them all; evidently Gary Doer did not do a sufficient job. What a joke.

Didn't that same Vaughan Palmer article mention something about the NDP writing off some $600 Million of BC Rail debt as it relates to Northeast Coal.

You're probably right- these silly organizers should probably just give up trying to get more women, people of colour, and Queer folks nominated as candidates for the NDP... the boys just ain't ever going to let that happen.

Those crazy kids with their nutty ideas of progress and modernization!

Like ClubSoda, I'm a fan of the "Neil Monckton" crowd. People like Neil, Sam Monckton, Raj Sihota, Glenn Ewald, Maya Russell, and all the other young organizers who are the brains behind the new faces of the NDP like Kennedy Stewart and of course Raj Sihota, are modernizing the NDP into a party of urban professionals, people of colour, and queers. It's about time. We shouldn't be trying to get the votes of white rednecks outside of Vancouver just because they are "working people".

imafan: White rednecks outside of Vancouver? As opposed to the urban professionals within Vancouver? *anger* That is possibly the most Vancouver-centric bull I've ever heard on this site. What is it that lets you call those working people outside of Vancouver rednecks, you hypocritical *angry word*? I suppose you've never met a person of colour or a homosexual who didn't live in Vancouver? What; do you think all people of colour or of non-het sexuality just flock to Vancouver? Beyond that, what party are you in that you don't want the votes of the vast majority of the province, or the votes of the people who your party claims to speak for? Working class people live everywhere. Those "urban professionals" only exist because there is someone to do the day-to-day grunt work, and a lot of that happens outside the lower mainland. *bristling in anger*

Anyway, its moot, because it seems these "brains" are incapable of organizing their way out of a paper bag. So sad; I suppose the Urban Professionals will have to take their small percentage of the vote back to the Liberals. *sniff* And I don't even have anything against urban professionals (plan to be one, in fact).

Chudnovskys win (and this incessant blame throwing banter) is more evidence of an NDP that isn't ready to govern than evidence of failure on the part of the Monckton crew. Chudnovsky will lose the riding. The NDP will not win government. Both those things are good for the NDP and good for BC. An NDP with 30 seats doesn't include Kensington and thank god for that.

Get a grip Chelsea. The cold hard truth is that outside of the city of Vancouver (not even the Lower Mainland), the party membership is mostly white redneck. That includes the membership in places like Surrey-Whalley, Mission, PoCo, Pitt Meadows and a number of other constituencies in the Suburbs that the NDP has and will hold. That's why we need to support the work that young crowd in Vancouver are doing to make the party more modern, funky, and friendly to queers, minorities, etc.

Hey- Classics/BCTF

Take your holier-than-thou-winning-only-makes-us-angrier gossipy pissing match to Babble, where your fratricidal left wing conspiracy theories belong.

Please don't bring your "every day is a good hatin' day" onto Sean's website...he still kinda likes us and still kinda thinks we might be credible. Please don't make another media outlet hate us just because we're all CRAZY.

David Chudnovsky deservedly won the NDP nomination. He is an articulate advocate for social and economic justice and sound environmental policies.

These are basic and interdependent tenents of a progressive and sustainable agenda for society.

The Vancouver Sun's coverage of the nomination meting is noteworthy. In a 300 word article, 70 words were committed to David's victory, and 200 to trivia about Kelly Quinn. Disappointingly they did not report on what Kelly had for breakfast that day.

The obvious question is what is the Sun's agenda for printing such drivel.

The NDP is mostly white redneck outside of Vancouver? I find that statement rather surprising and certainly does not reflect the reality of the NDP I have seen in the rest of BC.

The NDP in BC is THE party of choice of aborginal people. Those aborginal people live in small town BC. OK, the aboriginal people are all red necks ;-) (as opposed to rednecks)

Last time I checked Harry Lali was neither a redneck nor white.

I would hardly call Anne Edwards, Bill Barlee, Cokry Evans, Frank Calder and a host of other former NDP MLAs rednecks.

In my opinion a big problem the NDP has is that the public sector unions have way too much influence and have lost the populist edge the NDP once had. The NDP needs to look more to private sector unions for where they get support.

In many small towns the local private sector union shop is among the biggest small town organisations.

I constantly amazes me at how disliked the HEU, CUPE, BEGEU and BCTF are by rank and file members - the sort of thing I almost never hear about the CAW, IWA, Steel, PPWC, OPIEU etc.....

Get a grip! People like Neil, Sam Monckton, Raj Sihota, Glenn Ewald, Maya Russell, the brains behind the shocking defeat of Ian Waddel, the bitter defeat of Kennedy Stewart, and the pitiful turnout for Kelly Quinn are incompetent. They spend so much time congratulating one another and talking to the same circle of 20 friends that they don't even have a clue what is happening in BC, or even in Vancouver. Did I mention they also botched the Wards vote? To show how pitifully organized they were, the Yes side of that vote was shocked that they even won!

COPE and the NDP needs to get rid of these people STAT if they hope to salvage even the winnable seats in Vancouver!.

I agree. The COPE/Moncton crowd is useless!

Raj Sihota ia going down big time, with the Moncton crowd running the show. They may claim that they have hundreds of supporters, but the reality is, they were also claiming that for Kelly Quinn too. Most of the Moncton crowd are political geeks with no social skills, which is why they misread politeness for support and think that hundreds of people are behind them. Pathetic!

Surely all of the above are the ravings of a panicked Liberal crowd. No self-respecting New Democrat would engage in this foolish level of petty politicking and character assassination on a media site with less than four months before a critical election.

If you are New Democrats - lord help us - I pray that none of you are in positions of influence or authority, ever! If you want to debate values, policies and platforms in the "public eye", please do so. If you want to wipe your ass on my monitor, please refrain.

Looks like Ravinderjit (Kaur Puar) Shergill has been exposed as a fed-Grit prov-Dipper drug dealer!

Shergill has quite the mouth on her! Below are some of Shergill's comments that were reported in today's Vancouver Sun.


"They don't f--- around with me because ... they will be f---ing six feet under and they know it, because my, you know what, brothers will put them six feet under."

"Yeah, it's that simple. That's what the game is like in Vancouver. You f--- with us, you die. Well I don't know if you listen to the news and stuff. In Vancouver ... you pay for it and you know how bad you pay for it."

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