International socialist invades premier's office

The West Annex has a new (willing) occupant. Government caucus executive director Steve Vanagas, who has been scurrilously accused of being a "pretty nice guy," has become the premier's deputy chief of staff responsible for (strategic) communications. Mr. Vanagas is best known for previously being a reporter with the now defunct BC Report magazine. But our spies tell us, during his troubled left-leaning youth, he was also the leader of an armed communist cell in Nicaragua (as well as being editor of the Fraser Institute's Canadian Student Review). Shocking! Meanwhile, Public Eye has heard our good friend and biggest fan Tom Syer, the premier's director of issues management, gets a name promotion to deputy chief of staff - putting him on an equal organizational chart footing with Lara Dauphinee and Mr. Vanagas.


You're probably right- these silly organizers should probably just give up trying to get more women, people of colour, and Queer folks nominated as candidates for the NDP... the boys just ain't ever going to let that happen.

Those crazy kids with their nutty ideas of progress and modernization!

It's been rumoured that caucus staffer Greg Winter will be named as Vanagas' replacement. Born in Newfoundland, Greg (like Vanagas) is accused of being a "really nice guy." The names of Chris Rathbone and Mark Coward are also being thrown around as possible replacements...

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