Inquiring minds want to know

It looks like the provincial Liberals are showing an increasing interest in the concerns of ordinary British Columbians - 119 days before the next election. According to our spies in Saanich South, residents have been receiving phone calls from the party asking them the following question: "With the legislature sitting soon, what issues can Susan Brice, your BC Liberal MLA, raise on your behalf?" In an interview today, party communication officer Chad Pederson confirmed the MLA-initiated polling operation, adding that similar surveys are taking place in other ridings across the province.


I have a major concern.

The damn snowplow stops right past Ms. Brice's house. Can she please tell them to do the whole road and not just to her driveway.

Maybe this by-line should have read ... "Inquiring minds want to snow ?".

Anyway - I think this is a municipal issue. Maybe you should ask David Cubberly, Susan Brice's soon to be NDP opponent - he is on Saanich Council.

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