Making the federal Liberals feel right at home

The provincial Liberals are giving the New Democrats a huge photo opportunity on the eve of the upcoming election. Today, government caucus members received a personal invitation from Premier Gordon Campbell to attend "a reception in honour of the National Caucus of the Conservative Party of Canada" at the Royal British Columbia Museum on January 25. The Conservatives are in Victoria for their annual caucus retreat. Premier Campbell's invitiation and the reception will likely be used as evidence by those looking to confirm the Liberal's rightward drift. But an insider says the premier would also be inviting MLAs to a reception with the federal Grits if Prime Minister Paul Martin and his crew were in town. The following is a copy of that invitiation.

The Honourable Gordon Campbell Premier of British Columbia requests the pleasure of your company at a reception in honour of the National Caucus of the Conservative Party of Canada at the Royal British Columbia Museum, 675 Bellville Street, Victoria, BC, on Tuesday, January 25, 2005 at 5:30 p.m.

Please present this invitation at the reception registration table

Dress: business attire


Why in the world would the Premier's office okay this?

Because it's hilarious.

They're basically asking for the liberals in the BC Liberal party to leave and go somewhere else.

I wonder if the invitation to a evening in suits would be accorded to other federal parties.

Are they any federal liberals left in the BC Liberals. Several are not running again. some have already bailed though Sandy was an Alliance supporter I believe.

A huge strategic error...sounds like Vanagas is needed in the West Annex more than they think...

Seriously, you people are reaching. If the official opposition of the Federal government is coming to Victoria of course the governing party is going to want a chance to mix and mingle. And if the Federal Liberal Caucus was in Victoria you can guarantee that the BC Liberals would also be arranging a gathering for that.

That is politics: meet, greet, backslap, plan. There is nothing wrong with it and it is not a slight at the Federal Lib caucus members, give me a break.

What I find interesting,apart from the obvious perceptions of conservative complicity,is how this differs much from Gary Doers meeting with the NDP.

the real question is would the fed liberals let the bc liberals host a reception for them?

the last time the federal liberals had a national caucus in bc (back when glen clark was in power) gordon campbell was invited to speak, and he crapped all over them, trying to prove that he hated big bad ottawa just as much as the other guy

his "hospitality" at the time must have left quite an impression on his federal "friends".

now that gordo is in government, however, he seems to realize that he actually has to be nice to everyone...

I do think he would do the same for the Federal Liberal Party. Now, I don't think he'd be doing it for Jack Layton, however...

Well, " truth be told", it's exactly the same. Gary Doer, the NDP premier of Manitoba, met with the NDP caucus and others. Stephen Harper, right wing leader of the Reform/Alliance/Conservative/Whatever they're calling themselves this week Party is meeting with the right wing leader of the BC Liberal Party. At least the NDP paid for their bun toss. You can bet the BC taxpayers will be stiffed for the Campbell festivities. One thing about the right wing - they certainly know how to spend the taxpayers dollars on themselves.

Nowadays they are being called the "ReformaTories." Hehehe...

I agree there are similarities of course,yet why the vehement backlash for poor Carol.It makes perfect sense for James to seek guidance and inspiration from a succesful provincial govt.with whom they share the same name.In fact I would be worried if James didn't acknowledge and appreciate the success of the Manitoba NDP and their Premier.So why the double standard and if Campbell is so obviously enamored with the Coservative Feds why does he not at least grow the balls to declare themselves the BC Conform party and be done with it.It is becoming more and more of a mockery for those individuals for whom Liberal still has meaning that Campbell continues to hide behind his semantic sand castle.

Truth be told - I wonder if the Auditor General in Manitoba thinks the Doer government is doing a successful job of managing the economy of Manitoba.

I said successful not necessarily good. They have won two terms, more than I can say Gordon Campbell will ever see in power.

The real question is whether or not the people of Manitoba think it. And since the Manitoba NDP is still over 40% in the polls, and won re-election a couple of years ago at 50%, the answer is yes.

It would make more sense for him to do this IF the Conservatives where the goverment. However they are ONLY the opposition. And since the BC Liberals are supposed to be 'neutral' when it comes to federal politics this is a bad sign to send to the Liberals liberal supporters.

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