Stewart becomes new party favourite

Earlier today, Public Eye reported that, when British Columbians visit the provincial Liberal's MLA Website, the first elected member who appears on the page is none other than headquarters favourite Solicitor General Rich Coleman. But, a couple hours later, it appears that's no longer the case. After a brief period where the page was inaccessible, followed by an even shorter period where backbencher Val Anderson's bio was front and centre, it seems Richard Stewart, the MLA for Coquitlam-Maillardville, has replaced the solicitor general as the Liberal's cover boy. So the question is now: does Mr. Stewart secretly have leadership ambitions (we're just kidding, of course)?


He should, he should also be in cabinet, one the hardest working MLAs I have met for any party

True. Stewart's a good man.

Agreed. He's a true asset to Coquitlam and the party.
Is this the first instance of three consecutive publiceye comments in agreement?

I live in Coquitlam and Richard Stewart is one of the most useless MLAs ever. Coquitlam, after 3 terms of John Cashore, has never been used to having such an invisible, do nothing MLA. Can't wait to get rid of him.

Your just a stickler for class ha, the thought of politicians that actually court to represent your vote enlightens me to no end.

Far less exotic theory: the site is coded so that the default MLA cycles through a sequence, with a different one automatically getting top billing each day. Rich Coleman immediately preceeds Richard Stewart alphabetically by first name, so Richard T Lee ought to be up tomorrow.

Tom, yeah, nothing easier. Talk about making something out of nothing, Sean.

...or at least thats how it works now.

At 8:30 a.m., it's still Richard Stewart.
But Tom's theory sounds probable.

I noticed well over a month ago that Coleman's bio popped up first as the default MLA. There hasn't been any cycling until yesterday.

Bernard, my congradulations. You have really come to the aid of the party. Can we expect that you will soon be getting a rewarding visit from the BC Liberals' answer to M. Chuck Guite?

I swear I saw Dave Basi on the site and the rest of the "Basi Boys" hey all you whiners..guess what ? this is politics and if Coleman is the guy that can play the game then very good for him...but he has the #!**% to do what he has to do .....Campbell has one more term and the rest is up for GRABS...............

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