The new face of the Liberals?

Like most parties, the provincial Liberals' Website includes a listing of their elected members. But what's interesting is that when you load up that section of the site, the first MLA who appears isn't Sustainable Resource Management Minister George Abbot - alphabetically the first member of the Liberal caucus. Nor is it Premier Gordon Campbell, the leader of the party. It's actually Solicitor General Rich Coleman. And this has been the case since Public Eye first started paying attention to the page on Saturday. Of course, this has nothing to do with the fact Liberal headquarters is principally staffed by meat-eaters - some of whom have strong connections to the Coleman camp.


You shouldn't be surprised they are from the "Coleman Camp". He has already picked out his office furniture when he becomes Premier. Coleman is the west coast version of Paul Martin. His people have taken over the party apparatus, just like Martin, and they are waiting for the right moment to step into the ring when Campbell self destructs. You might say Coleman is the "hee haw" version of Paul Martin.

I want to know about all the fundraising Coleman has done for the party. I heard he is the money man. My question is, how many people has he shaken down in his quest to prepare his war chest. I heard he chartered a plane to fly 20 caucus members over for a fundraiser last year in his riding.

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