Premature announcement syndrome

This weekend, Democratic Reform BC (which was previously known as the British Columbia Democratic Coalition), held its first policy convention in White Rock. At the time, the Canadian Broadcast Corporation reported Surrey-Whalley MLA Elayne Brenzinger attended the convention, saying she will make a formal announcement this week on her continued involvement with the new party. That has yet to happen. But it seems the party's Webmaster may know something we don't know.

An observant reader has pointed out the Democratic Reform BC site already lists Ms. Brenzinger as part of the campaign team. According to the site, "despite being the DRBC's lone MLA in a legislature surrounded by ideologically extreme parties, Elayne Brenzinger doesn't shy away from speaking up for her constituents and British Columbians." Um, yeah. That's one way of putting it.


I am sure that after reviewing the issue with her staff Ms. Brenzinger will realize that though she thought she made the announcement, she actually had not made the announcement.

Talk about an MLA who will do more harm to a fledgling party than good.

I tend to agree, why when looking to build and establish credibility would you start where there is not ?

Elaine was bullied out of the Liberal caucus. She is female and the BC Liberals are short on people of that gender. She may have also been bullied out of making sexual harrassment claims by BC Liberal money.

she is a total dingbat.... no loss to the Libs, and I'm sure they're saying "DR BC can have her", and the NDP is saying "thank god we didn't end up with her".

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