In with the old, in with the new

Lots of provincial New Democrat nomination results today. Kalum Horseshoe Community School Society employee Robin Austin won Skeena, beating out Helmut Giesbrecht on the third ballot. According to our spies, the former MLA seems to have been the victim of an anyone-but-Giesbrecht movement. Meanwhile, in Victoria-Hillside, city councillor Rob Fleming narrowly defeated Steve Orcherton, another member of the ex-MLA club, winning 261 out of 461 ballots cast. And, as reported on Babble, Vancouver city councillor Tim Stevenson, also a former legislative member, got the nod in Vancouver-Burrard, squeaking past British Columbia Hydro Corp. administrator Allison McDonald - 196 votes to 155.


Well 2 out of 3 ain't bad for the new vs. old guard. And Tim Stevenson ain't a Clarkite anyways. So it was a good weekend for Carole James all in all. But I'm curious, why does Holman describe Fleming's victory over Orcherton as "narrow" when the margin was larger than in the other two races mentioned?

For gossip this week, I swear I saw Sean Holman wearing a Fleming badge on!

I'll say I'm really disappointed that Steve lost. Nothing against Fleming, but Steve (regardless of his past) was such a passionate person, and he reviled the "mushy middle" which seems to be eradicating the values the NDP stood for not so long ago. Beyond that, he was a truly cool guy, with an amazing understanding of what was important. The vote was close, which says something, but I'm really upset at his loss, even though I'm sure Fleming is an okay guy.

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