Premier discloses dream to become talk show host

CKNW is reporting "Premier Gordon Campbell may take to the airwaves in a televised address in the coming months. The premier says he has not made a final decision on that yet...Campbell says if he goes ahead with the address it will be paid by the Liberal Party and not by the government." Public Eye told you about that address earlier today.


Dear Sean:

Yes, you break some stories. But the smarmy way you inform us all about it is getting really old... very fast.

His own talk show huh? That's a laugh and a half, because when it comes to disclosing to the general public the reasoning for lying through his teeth about selling of BC Rail, tearing up collective agreements and the like, El Gordo has been Silent Sam, though today, after his eminience landed back in BC fresh from his latest Maui Wowie adventures, he disclosed a change in tactic about the raid on the leg.

Said something along the lines, that the charges have nothing to do with those in his cabinet. Hmmm.. why aren't we pounding the pavement about the raid deal, the supposed public disclosure of the deal with CN, (the biggest blacked out document ever released by the provincial government under an FOI) and who benefitted from the alleged influence peddling of the Basi Boys and Bob Virk. And most importantly, who is alleged to have paid the bribes.

Why arent these questions prevelant on the website of the man who broke the Doug Walls affair? Who really cares what Gordo does in as far as a talk show host or driving instructor when you're half gooned. Let's get on to some issues that might have an effect on the upcoming election and see some of that award winning journalism that we've heard so much about.

Hey! I think it is a great idea. Will he be wearing his flanel shirt?


Maybe he could host " the Twilight Zone " as it would be implausible for el Gordo to host a "reality" show.

Gee whillikers, it worked so faaaaabulously well for Vanderzalm I guess Gordie decided to do his own version of "Premier Talk".

Seems I remember that Glen Clark took to the airwaves for his state of the province address on more than one occasion - perhaps banquos ghost is really afraid that some people sitting on the fence might actually like what the Premier has to say and will come back to the Liberal fold.

I have no problem with a Premier "taking to the public airwaves" to deliver state of the province speeches on the public dime. I don't have a problem with candidates buying airtime to deliver hustings speeches on the party dime either.

My one and only problem is with Campbell's veracity and double-speak. Just like with Vanderzalm.

I doubt that many are interested in what Campbell has to say.

I doubt that many are interested in what Campbell has to say.

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