Secret weapons of the citizens' assembly

The pro-electoral reform committee is considering hiring an American political consultant to run their grassroots campaign, Public Eye has learned. Veteran operative Lynne Serpe, whose fees range from $3,000 to $6,000 U.S. per month, was the Green's national presidential campaign manager in 2004. She also was responsible for overseeing the recent Ohio vote recount. And, in 1999, Ms. Serpe co-managed Audie Bock's successful bid to become the first Green candidate elected to the California state legislature, defeating Democrat Oakland mayor Elihu Harris. She is also a strong supporter of electoral reform, having been the national coordinator for the New Zealand campaign to get the single transferable vote system approved for use in local elections.


Another job created but not for a canadian,possibly the liberals support buying non canadian such as non domestic car etc..
Or does this just point to an anti union bias?

An attempt to dicpher the liberals plan does give one a headache.I for one did not vote to off load to other countries the work done here.
Isn't mr. Hahn of ferries fame an american too, what gives?
Last five year over 1300 university professors were hired from non canadian sources,again why?
Is there an anti bias in hiring practices in canada?
No wonder that the return on investment in education looks meagre ,at least that is the impression,since hiring graduates of other countries keeps the investment costs down.
A practice such as this may portend ominously for our future?Just asking.

Huh? Please find the connection between this story and the BC Liberals. The STV yes committee which has many New Democrats associated with it (like Co-Chair Julian West and Andrew Petter) wants to hire a Green Party organizer from the US and you can't figure out what the BC Liberals are thinking?

Wow, if you can blame the BC Liberals for this then you can truly blame them for everything. By the way, the BC NDP has a grand tradition of getting paid advice from Democrat organizers from the US so watch where you're throwing those stones.

Yeeesh! Give me a break!

The question immediately comes to mind: where is the pro-STV crowd getting the bucks to pay this person?

Having lived on the fringes of North Oakland not too long ago, I can say that the fact that Ms Serpe, could run a Green Horse that could defeat the popular Elihu Harris in a race for the CalLedge finish line suggests that she is a pretty darned good operative.

What I find a little puzzling though is the Green connection given Adrienne Carr's meltdown over STV.

Thus, I agree that Lorne's question above is an important one.

Important? Lorne's question isn't even relevant.Who cares where the money is coming from. What you should care about is that you have a chance to change the way we vote! This will open up politics for the one thing that pundits and politicos have been crying out for years-Women. With this system,women can avoid the little boys club that so often happens in politics and get elected across party lines! It's about time.
In my mind, the question you should be asking is not where is the money coming from but" How can I donate and get involved to make this important event happen?"

You get involved here:

or email

Hey Jeff--

Sure, forget about the's where are those lovely coke bottle bottomed rose-coloured glasses of mine....I know they're here somewhere.

And before you lash out again, please realize that I have blogged on this issue in a positive light in the past, particularly with respect to the folks who participated in the commission - I just wanna know who's running the show, that's all.

Perhaps the must see S(C?)TVforBC poster can enlighten us.

Question for the posters - as i think that this might be a bigger issue in the campaign than many people think do any of you know if the yes or no campaigns are deemed third party and whether the amount of money they can spend on ads etc is restricted under election finance laws.

Of the people that have come on board with the campaign, 2/3s have never been involved with any political campaign before.

The other 1/3 of us come quite evenly from the right, left and green sides of the spectrum.

Where is the money? There is very little at this time but we do have is all from small individual donations from the apolitical. We do not expect the political elites left or right to support us as the system works for that 2% of BCers. We are appealing to the other 98%

There is growing grassroots/populist swell coming with this referendum. The campaign will grow and surprise people with a big win on May 17th

Where is the "Yes!" campaigns financing coming from, I'll tell you. Mastercard. They'll pay for your website, your printing costs. Perhaps a consultants flight will be paid for by VISA. And the best thing about this wonderful corporate conspiracy, is you don't have to finish paying them off until the next election.

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