The Neverending Story?

Last month, Public Eye wondered aloud whether police allegations that ministerial assistant David Basi "had offered, delivered or promised to have delivered government documents to (former provincial cabinet minister Christy Clark's brother Bruce) CLARK" were still under investigation. So we asked Royal Canadian Mounted Police acting Staff Sergeant John Ward that question earlier this afternoon. And this is what he had to say.

According to Staff Sergeant Ward, "there is a continuing investigation. I can't tell you what it's about. But I can also reiterate the fact there are no elected officials being investigated." He also confirmed that continuing investigation could mean further charges. Although, "we don't know what that investigation is going to reveal. So we don't know if we'll be able to go to Crown council with a report."


OK, Sean, it's a legitimate question, but the answer isn't anything different from what an RCMP officer will ever say.

The only people the RCMP has been willing to single out as "not part of the investigation" are elected officials. They have never been willing to reduce the scope of the investigation. Remember when they said that no-one on the big list in the search warrants was under investigation "at this time".

If they had something on Bruce Clarke, why wouldn't they have laid charges on the same day as they laid the Basi/Virk/Basi charges?

Then it wouldn't look like they were going after just the Indo-Canadian staffers.

I think you are muckraking a bit here.

"there are no elected officials being investigated." but that does not mean that the "continuing investigation" will not implicate elected officials. Who knows where this will lead.

Who was it that gave the bribes? Do we know if they are going to be charged?

The big question I always have is what happened to all of the cocaine money? Did any of that get into the Liberal party funds?

I suspect that the "Basi boys" that have been charged will be taking the fall for the "elected officials" that have not/will not be charged. Gimme a break that Christy Clark & Gary Collins both get out of the game for the lamest of reasons once things are heating up. There is no way that some higher ups in this corrupt government didn't know something was up. It's absurd to think that, when the Premier's office has such control.
In addition, one only has to do a little bit of research to see that both city & RCMP in this province have a deplorable rate of conviction of organized criminals. This despite millions poured into specialized OC units. Hmmm?
What I'm curious about, is why the mainstream media is not looking into the explosion of gambling in this Province under the Liberals & making the connection with organized crime. It's common knowledge that casinos help wash the dirty cash. Isn't anyone else interested in that angle?
But what can we expect when a person convicted of a felony while in office gets to stay in the seat of power. It all makes me sick and continues to make BC a joke in the eyes of Canada.


Are you also suggesting that the NDP government's expansion of gambling was also driven by a secret agenda to wash the dirty money of organized criminals?

Are you suggesting that native bands who run casino operations are engaged in knowingly washing dirty money for criminals. Or is this just a goofy, partisan shot.

Maybe you could stay on the thread topic, Mr English. Why this need to try and refocus on the NDP, rather than the current story thread?

Kali has it right on the Clark and Collins departures. Just as the Premier and Martyn Brown had it right when they dismissed Basi right off the bat, and just as Paul Martin had it right when he removed David Anderson from the Federal Cabinet. Yup, ... they all had it right. But maybe not quite early enough.

Try to imagine what the defence lawyers are telling those charged. In Law and Order fashion it's going to be something along the lines of "to lower the heat on yourself, you have to raise it on someone else, ... preferably someone higher up, OKay?"

IOWs, if the prosecutors are interested in going higher they will be offering deals to those already charged, and conversely.

the cops are justa buch of racists. no white guys charged, only coloured guys.

the one guy (Basi) allegedly gets "money", (that he allegedlly launders through his cousin), butthe otherguy (virk) allegedly gets "meals, travel and promises of federal government employment".

what kind of travel? do we even know if these guys went on a caribean cruise? if they did, wouldn't we know about this by now?

meals? come on! everyone who works in government has probalby had someone buy them lunch. This is stretching it.

promises of federal government jobs? what, for losing the omnitrac bid? maybe they were looking for federal political jobs because they worked on a federal liberal campaign. stop the presses!! get the cops in here!!!

maybe basi's a crook (the money stuff and the drug stuff sounds very serious), but it sounds like virk is just being thrown in for good measure...

the police are notorious in their hatred of the coloured people...

There is no deal to be had with Basi or Virk. Neither one is facing any time in jail for a first time offense. They will get a suspended sentence, a few undertakings, and probably a fine. They are far better off keeping their mouths shut and waiting for the reward on the back end. Their "friends" have so many ways of moving "gratitude" to them that it will never be caught or detected. With the corporate act changes, you cannot even look into the numbered companies the Government sends millions of dollars to every year.

Perhaps the cops are racist but one has to admit that someone who alledgedly sits in a Government office all day negotiating bribes, managing grow ops, importing coke and laundering cash probably deserves to be caught. If he hadn't been so greedy and just stuck to taking bribes he would have fit right in and nobody would have noticed.

i think you are correct my friend

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