Unfinished Tales

Even on the day criminal charges were being laid against him, former ministerial assistant David Basi remained a consumate political operative. Here was a man who had been one of the most powerful Indo-Canadian organizers in the province, the right hand of Finance Minister Gary Collins, laid low by the law. And yet, at the Victoria courthouse, he was still backslapping reporters, even reaching across a row of cameras to shake hands while his pinstripped lawyer Michael Bolton was being scrummed. Only after what could be a long and drawn out legal proceeding, will we find out whether those charges become convinctions. And whether his relatives Bob Virk and Aneal Basi go from being suspects to criminals. But those aren't the only questions that should be answered. The charges laid against these three men have raised further questions about the legislature raid scandal. Here are four that should be pondered.

* The charges allege, "Aneal BASI did aid in the commission of an offence by laundering money accepted by Udhe Singh (Dave) BASI who, being an official of the Government of British Columbia, demanded, accepted or offered or agreed to accept for himself money as consideration for cooperation, assistance, exercise of influence or an act or omission in connection with matters of government business." This is the first time we've heard about actual money exchanging hands. But who did that alleged bribing? Why hasn't that person or those persons been charged? And how was the money laundered?

* The search warrants allege David "BASI obtained Government documents with regard to upcoming public tenders for sale from VIRK. BASI is believed to have offered, delivered or promised to have delivered government documents to (former provincial cabinet minister Christy Clark's brother Bruce) CLARK. This aspect of the Project is under investigation." Is that still the case?

* The charges allege David Basi and Mr. Virk "accepted from a person who has dealings with the government rewards, advantages and benefits being money, meals, travel and employment opportunities without having received consent in writing of the head of the branch of government of which (they) are an official." But should their ministers, Mr. Collins and Judith Reid, ought to have known about those transactions?

* Will there be any further charges? And when will they be laid?

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Soon, it will be 2 years since the R.C.M.P. raided the offices of Basi & Virk in the B.C. Legislature.

Saddam Hussein was arrested at about the same time. The former dictator-president of Iraq has already come to trial in Baghdad.

Surely Basi & Virk aren't posing a more complex case than Saddam Hussein's??

It's imperative that we know what (if anything) Basi & Virk did to the functions of the Campbell government and the Paul Martin election as prime minister. And before another federal election!

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