A sleeper hit

Boy, the provincial government must be really proud of their climate change action plan. After all, the Liberal released that report last Wednesday (ten days before Christmas), burying the announcement at the bottom of a seemingly unrelated news release - a guaranteed way to get the media's attention. But, to date, it seems that cunning reverse psychology strategy hasn't worked. So Public Eye thought we'd crack open the report to let our readers know what innovative ideas the Campbell administration has come up with to save the world.

Hmmm...that's funny. It looks like the report is a laundry list of ideas the government is already working on. In fact, the report even points out, "many of these actions are supported by significant steps and investments already taken in B.C." - which seems to be a roundabout way of saying the Liberal's plan will basically maintain the status quo when it comes to environmental initiatives. And that's a disappointment, because this was a really opportunity for the government to come up with a comprehensive strategy to deal with climate change.

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