Star candidate appears in sky?

Today, Go Direct Marketing Inc. president Virginia Greene will announce she's seeking the provincial Liberal nomination in Vancouver-Fairview. Ms. Greene was the assistant deputy minister of tourism for the British Columbia government during the eighties. She was previously involved with Bob Plecas, a powerful deputy minister who served under several Socred administrations and eventually the New Democrats. Mr. Plecas is the former president of the British Columbia Lumber Trade Council.


WOW! This is the star candidate they've been talking about. She is practically a household name.

Yep. The Liberals star star is rising. Gordo must be gettin a chubby just thinking about it.

This is unbelievable. They lose the #2 man in the government and this is all they can come up with to replace him? Who the hell is Virginia Greene?

Gregor Robertson is being given far too many gifts by the Liberals these days. Christmas season is truely here for that guy.

What she is is a very credible female candidate. Something that THE NDP are critically short of at this time. A former ADM of tourism during Expo '86 who went on to found a very successful public relations company that was bought out by a huge New York firm which she now manages from Vancouver.

Oh yah, and she's the chair of the Breast Cancer Foundation.

But you're right the guy who sells juice for $10 a gram is a much better candidate.

like myself,most voters in van -fairveiw removed the bandana from ther heads when there first real paycheque arrived.
other than that,,
good luck gregor,,,,

Looks like the NDP are getting their business act together. Gregor Robertson will eat Virginia for breakfast and wash it down with Happy Planet!

C'mon Gordo we've got to get some credible women. What's happened to Barbara Brink? When and where will she surface again?

She can win. Your latest token women can't. Stop patronizing us and get serious about this.

Asking Gordo to quit patronizing woman??? That's a laugh and a half. Look at how he's treated woman during the course of his reign of error. Closing down woman's centres, cutting funding for those centres and woman's shelters that provide funding to those most vulnerable woman in society. Attacking HEU, a union made up of predominantly woman of a minority descent, cutting back on the wages and benefits, trying to make those people in line with minimum wage hotel workers. Only thing is, hotel workers get tips and stuff like that. Hospital workers don't.

Let's not forget about Gordo's changes to the labour code, in effect re-introducing child labour. That's of course after cutting funding for child care subsidies and the like. I guess putting a kid to work at 12 yrs old is a cheaper form of child care in Campbell's vision. Of course after cutting the funding for education, by downloading the 50% increase to MSP premiums onto the local school districts and freezing education funding in the past 2 years, why does little Johnny or Jane need time to do homework when they could be at McDonald's flipping burgers.

And on and on and on. Campbell doesn't give a care about woman, children, the sick, poor or elderly. He's balanced the budget on the back of these people. He stands in front of the people of BC gloating about a surplus budget, after attacking the NDP on their surplus budget that was derived in the same manner..... from a spike in royalties from oil, natural gas and hydro prices rising. By benefitting from historically low interest rates that have NOTHING at all to do with provincial government policy, as they are set at a federal level.

And now by using our money to tell us what a great job he's done in government, by advertising in a way he castigated the NDP for doing. The man is a pathological liar. He does what he says he won't. He allows the perception that there's unethical practices involving bribery, kickbacks and scams to exist, and uses cabinet secrecy to cover it up (as in the BC Rail deal). Hell the guy even has fish farm stocks in his portfolio, and yet talks about how he's fighting to protect the wild salmon. And on and on and on. In his mind (and the media's btw) it's perfectly fine for the business community and the media to prop up the Liberals financially, but even a sniff of a union dollar around the NDP is totally wrong, evil and bad for BC.

And you want him to stop patronizing woman Cindy???? I want him to stop patronizing everyone in this province. But he can't help himself Cindy. He's been this way since getting into politics. How come 2 big stars have pulled the plug all the sudden and left him high and dry? You can talk about Harmony Airways all you want, but doesn't the timing of this departure strike you a little oddly??? You would think that the finance minister who allegedly put this province back on track (their words not mine) would want to hang around and finish the job, not jump ship so close to an election. Particularly about a week before they announced who was being charged with what in the BC Rail deal and that there could be more charges coming?

And what about Christy. What's her motivation for pulling the rip cord. I find it funny that in this day and age, that people are using family as an excuse to leave politics, when in fact Jenny Kwan (much like Christy) had a new born during the session, and stuck it out and continues to. And Joy MacPhail raised her son while in office as a single mother I believe. That's not a slam on Gary or Christy, it's just that if those 2 women can do it, and have the same circumstances as what both Christy and Gary are using as their reasons for leaving, why wouldn't those 2, if they thought that they had done such a great job in office want to stick around and run on their record???

John English always pretends that he is not an employee or activist supporter of the Liberal Government(s). How many people does he fool? Not many, ... not when he just happens to have a yet-to-be nominated Liberal candidate's background resume at the ready. John is right that Virginia Greene is a credible and worthy candidate, but his lame and stupid attempts to smear and demean Gregor Robertson take his credibility, not strong to start with, right down to zero.

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