A holiday tradition?

Last Christmas, the cops paid a visit to the legislature. This year, Rockpile residents returned the favour. Press gallery members Jeff Davies, Justine Hunter, Lindsay Kines, Moira McLean, Phillippe Murat, Jeff Rudd and Scott Sutherland visited Victoria police headquarters earlier today for eggnog and news that Constable Ravinder Singh Dosanjh has been charged with attempting to obstruct justice. According to Chief Constable Paul Battershill, those charges are indirectly linked to the drug investigation involving former ministerial assistant David Basi. But the legislature's scribblers and gabbers weren't the only ones who showed up for some holiday cheer. Provincial Liberal caucus communications director Shane Mills was also there. He was not, however, wearing a Santa Claus suit (although Public Eye thought his grey jacket was quite fetching).


Battershill was practicially crying about Dosanjh
being charged.

most likely because he lost a good safe supply,
it goes with the territory,,
now it,s up to kryspee cream to make those donuts taste good,..

by the way, why not move the cop shop and throw in a hooters to comp the new arena?
cheers nic.

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