Something in common with Christy Clark

In a news conference, Finance Minister Gary Collins provided two reasons why he was resigning his cabinet and legislative seats to become chief executive officer of Harmony Airways. Number one: "it's an important time to be close to my family" because his wife Wendy Cox is expecting their second child. And number two: "flying has always been a passion of mine."

Minister Collins denied his resignation had anything to do with the legislature raids saying, "If I thought it was necessary to step aside over that issue, I would have done so a year ago." Rumours are circulating further charges relating to those raids may be laid next week.

Minister Collins also said he made his decision to leave politics before the provincial Liberal's convention in early November. And he talked with the Premier Gordon Campbell about that decision shortly after. Minister Collins didn't rule out a return to politics but said it was "the furthest thing from my mind."


LEADERSHIP, that's what Christy and Collins are thinkin about, their sick of the right wing wacko's(falcon, Polak and Co.)..they will definently be back..Let the fun begin

So should Christy Clark and Gary Collins call their new party the Family First Party? Or are they just positioning themselves for the post-May 17th fall-out as the ones who care about families?

This is a weird one as far as I can see.

If Gary think that being the CEO of a startup company means that he can spend more time with his family then he has a suprise in store for him.

But wait, Gary has never run any company before so how could he possibly know?!

Another thing Christy Clark and Collins' resignations have in common is the link to the airlines. Campbell found out she was resigning while he was in the airport returning from the meeting that settled the health accord. Collins is going to work for an airline.

Yeah okay it is weak, but funny! And there are no allegations of misconduct involved in the airport link.

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