Collins resigns to become airline executive

Finance Minister Gary Collins is resigning his cabinet and legislative seats to become chief executive officer of Harmony Airways, which is operated by HMY Airlines Inc. A news conference at the premier's office in Vancouver is expected at 4:00. But, in the meantime, the scribes in the press gallery are busy writing Minister Collins's political obituary and operatives in both parties are speculating on the reason why he resigned and who will replace him. Early bets seem to include Labour Minister Graham Bruce, Solicitor General Rich Coleman and Health Minister Colin Hansen. We're putting our money on Minister Bruce.


I'll save you all the trouble of speculation. He thinks his going to lose in to Gregorson in Fairview. He's quitting now before the warrants come down. He's unhappy with the converservative direction of government. The surplus budget is about to be announced to be a deficit. Have I missed anything?

Another good man is tempted to use his talents in the private sector. With the gratitude he's been receiving on this board, can you blame him?

You forgot:

1. He is fathering a baby with his communications director.

2. He heard that Jimmy P. had only one opening in the sign shop and he wanted to enter the private sector before Gordo took it and left him in the cold.

3. He wanted to prove that the Liberals did in fact value the contributions of immigrants.

Why would they bother replacing him, there is not going to be any non-election work done until after May 17th anyway.

Is it possible the raid on the legislature had anything to do with this resignation? I am asking...not making any allegations.

Does Christy Clark now have another ally in her behind the scenes leadership campaign?

Get real people, positions like this do not come up very often. He had been convinced to stay on for another term when he wanted to leave the Leg after 14 years next May.

The guy loves planes and thinks he can run an airline better than Air Canada or West Jet abd David Ho thinks he can.

He will also earn ALOT more money - MLAs do not earn well and Cabinet ministers are not that much better off. A 3-5x increase in salary and an ownership stack is not something that is easy to say no to.

He also can finally get out of the limelight, where he was never very comfortable

New'ester: I think you are right, this has to do with the raid on the legislature. Afterall it was Collin's ministry that was raided. All these MLA's are jumping ship before the storm. It's funny too how every Liberal MLA resigning uses the explanation
of "spending more time with my family" as their reason for quitting.

LEADERSHIP positioning, that's what it is, him and christy the real liberals, will be back...

Hey "Get Real" my question is why did he quit five months before the election? He is the Chair of the re-election committee! He is about to (supposedly) bring in a $2 billion surplus budget.

Too weird to be a simple move to something new. Too weird.

Newster, either its a huge conspiracy, or David Ho said "Ya know.. we can't really not have a CEO for 5 months. " That you prefer the former to the simpler says a lot.

Simple. HMY can not wait, airline business is cutthroat and needs to have clear leadership for companies.

Ho says to Collins, So you are happy being an MLA, come be my CEO, you got make your mind quickly.

Collins says OK.

Now, how many people would not have crucified Collins and the Liberals if he had no resigned, but said "I am not running as I will be CEO of HMY Air on May 18th"

As soon as he had a deal with Ho, he had to step down from cabinet

what naiviety "get real", POLITICS, Ledaership, these guys are career politicos. read between the headlines...they are making a political move, MARK my words....

I was not inferring that there is something wrong with Collins' just seems so odd when he is the re-election chair. This does make you wonder if there is something else going on.

giveme a break - you clearly have not met Gary Collins and do not know him. He is a reluctant politician that ended in office by accident and then felt duty bound to do his best.

He has accomplished the biggest goal - fixing BC's finances for the first time. His political mission is done - there is no reason to stay other than Campbell's request that he not leave.

He is still young, the chance to move to running BC's only airline and live at home. Of course he would take the position.

Sounds like a great job op! His work is done and now he gets a fat salary and security for his young family. Good on the guy! I'd do the same but alas, no Hong Kong Billionaires are knocking on my door :)

He is still the re-election chair.

Actually I have met the guy and I do have some respect for him. I think my issue is that it comes so close before the election and he was so high profile in the party.

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