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In an interview today, Paul Daynes, who has single-handedly proven grassroots provincial Liberals aren't mythic creatures, talked about his experienced handing out anti-New Democrat leaflets at the British Columbia Federation of Labour's convention. Deadpanning, Mr. Daynes said "I can reveal to you one very, very interesting aspect of this whole exercise. I've discovered a large number of B.C. Federation of Labour delegates - at least the ones I spoke with - have a very unusual set of priorities. Basically, they wanted me to have sex with myself. And they seemed particularly obsessed with Premier Campbell going away and having sex with himself." The following email, which seems to have become something of a holy relic among Liberals, provides a more in-depth account of that experience.

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From: paul daynes
Sent: December 2, 2004 3:58 PM

Re: Taking a Stand at the BC Fed Convention for Good Government

On Wednesday , I stood outside the BC Fed Convention and stood up for good
government. The persistent misinformation campaigns emanating from public sector unions and the BC Federation of Labour are wearing on me.

I don't blame the rank and file members. Rather, these tactics are driven by the union leaders and bosses who see the return of an NDP government as an opportunity to call the shots again - no matter what the cost will be to average British Columbians like you and me.

And I don't need to tell you what a disaster the 1990s were for this province. I don't want to go back. But I am realizing that there is a real threat that the NDP and their ideological bedmates could take over the controls in BC again. I am not prepared to see that happen. That's why I decided to stand outside the BC Fed Convention and hand out a simple flyer.

On one side of the flyer, it has positive headlines from three years of economic growth and renewed prosperity under the BC Liberals. On the other side, it has ten years of negative headlines to remind us all of what happened under the NDP.

So, there I was, with an accomplice, passing out our flyers to BC Fed delegates. We even passed one to Carole James. I hope she had time to read
it before she marched in to take her orders.

The December cold became decidedly more frosty when some delegates started to read what we were handing them. They are not used to contrary perspectives, evidently. In fact, it became downright abusive. But we stood our ground.

One union guy came over and lectured us on the "evils of outsourcing". This I found very ironic. Earlier, I had been told in the coffee shop that the union movement would be importing union officials from all over Canada and even the United States to fight the May election against the Liberals.

This raises a key point - are British Columbians going to be allowed to decide this election, or are the union heavies and the NDP going to use their muscle - from all over the continent - to bully their way to victory?

We stuck it out for a couple of hours. It was a small act in favour of good
government and a strong economy.

Toward the end of our adventure, one delegate approached us and said: "This is good stuff". And he meant it. He was from a public sector union that loves to spend their members' dues on partisan advertising. I was heartened that at least one BC Fed delegate issued his quiet dissent against the bosses. I'm sure there were others.

We can't take this election for granted. I urge anyone who reads this - who cares about free enterprise and good government - to take a stand. Whether it's writing a letter to the editor, speaking up, giving money, or volunteering.

We simply cannot afford to go back.

Paul Daynes


Hilarious. Well, I guess someone must be feeling "renewed prosperity" from all the regressive taxation that my friends are saddled with via service fee increases. To be fair, the BC Liberals are renewing economies. Particularily the US and German economies.
My favourite part of the letter of "brave" Mr. Daynes email is "So, there I was, with an accomplice, passing out our flyers to BC Fed delegates."
Accomplice definition – a person who helps someone else to commit a crime or to do something morally wrong.

Good for Mr. Daynes for standing up when the silent majority will not.

The guy has balls.

I always wonder what this 'silent majority' is. Silent majority... why are they silent, if they're the majority? And, if they're silent, how do you, Joe Six Pack, know what they think? *rolls eyes*

Thanks for sharing Mr. Daynes' letter, Sean. I share his belief in good government and in taking a stand, which is why I read your blog and speak up when I can.

Mr. Daynes, on the other hand, has been less than diligent in scanning his headlines for bad news about good governance these past three years. In between those rosy economic forecasts, he missed your terrific reporting on political cronyism, the Doug Walls scandal and the disastrous Ministry for Children and Family restructuring, plus headlines about the botched disability review, RCMP raids on the Legislature, broken promises galore, schools & healthcare in crisis, a RAV project hundreds of millions in the red before it's even approved, millions of our tax dollars wasted on political ads and "open cabinet" PR stunts, and a mind-boggling $2 billion budget miscalculation that forced the gutting of critically important services and programs.

What we simply cannot afford to do is to speak up about bad government selectively, as Mr. Daynes does.

You just have to appreciate the mentality of an NDP’er. Actually complaining that a $ 2 billion dollar surplus is a bad thing because we didn’t blow all that money on unsustainable government spending programs. Just think we could have kept Skeena around for at least four more years with that kind of money. What were we thinking ?

Not quite as easy to see it that way, Kevin, if:

* you have a child with special needs whose future potential as a productive tax-paying adult is being jeopardised because the cuts means he is denied vital early intervention; or
* you're developmentally disabled and living in a group home where staff had to be cut so you don't get to go out anywhere any more; or
* you're in your 80s and can no longer look after your developmentally disabled son or daughter and the waitlist for a group home placement just got even longer because of the cuts; or
* your kid is in a group home and they've upped his meds to keep him more "compliant" (zombie-like) so they can manage more clients with fewer staff; or
* you're a 24/7 "family care" caregiver for a developmentally disabled adult and your hourly pay has just dropped to $3 - $4 /hour because of Ministry budget cuts; or...

...and no, this is not the "mentality of an "NDP-er", it's the mentality of an angry mother who doesn't view my child or others as simply objects of "unsustainable government spending". They're the whole point of sustainability.

I and many others spoke up with the Liberals about underfunding of these services and about cutting red tape and increasing efficiencies under the NDP. But no one ever imagined that the Liberal "cure" would be so much deadlier than the NDP "ailment", or so badly mismanaged.

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