The political equivalent of an egging

The election race in Saanich South has gotten off to a bit of a dirty start. A pro-Liberal leaflet was slipped under the windshield wipers of cars parked outside the provincial New Democrat's nomination meeting, which was held earlier today. One side of the leaflet proclaims "BC is on track to be a have province again" because the Campbell administration has introduced "real balanced budgets" and "lower taxes." The other side warns "despite our resources, BC became a Have-Not province" during the "NDP Decade of Decline." Each side features a collage of photocopied newspaper articles with headlines supporting those statements. Some of those articles date back to 1997. The leaflet doesn't identify who produced it.


So, is that faux M.D. (ie. there is no Med. School at her alma mater, UC Berkeley) Kathy Baker now getting set to run in S.North and the Islands?

I have no time for people who refuse to identify themselves when campaigning.

Grandma used to say, "If you can't tell people who you are when you are doing something, you probably shouldn't be doing it!" (not really but that is how I imagine her saying it)

Wimps!...Take your thumb out of your mouth and stand up.

Your ideals and values are worth little to nothing if you don't have the intestinal fortitude to stand up with them.

NOTE: That goes for both sides of the political fence...and sorry for any spelling mistakes. The public eye is too cheap to add spell check to the site...hehe...sorry was an easy shot to cover up for my bad grammer and spelling.

Apologies....comment at top was meant to be thumb in mouth/cheek comment for previous Tom Skerrit/David Cubberly post.

This sheet being anonymously passed out at the NDP nomination meeting is identical to the sheet that was passed out by Liberal PAB staffers to media at the BC Fed convention a couple of weeks ago.

Excellent use of taxpayers' dollars.

Now THAT's good government!

Hey Bob,

I bet you can't name a single one of these mysterious "PAB staffers" who were supposedly handing out this piece at the BC Fed Convention. No government in its right mind - NDP or BC Liberal - would send employees to hand something like that out at a BC Fed event or a BC Business Council event.

You are, plainly and simply, making that point up and its painfully obvious.

There is an election coming. BC Liberal and NDP supporters will be pulling stunts like this. Welcome to democracy.

At least at the Fed convention the people passing out the propaganda had the intestinal fortitude to do it in person; brave souls they were!

I can name one of these mysterious "PAB staffers". In fact, I reconized two of the three people doing it, but I am not 100% sure that the other guy is paid staff.

Just because they may be staffers doesn't mean they were paid. They are allowed to volunteer their own time. I agree with John English that no gov't on either side would ever pay people to do that. It would be political suicide.

And I am quite sure that those leaflets were not paid for with tax dollars. The Liberal Party may have paid for them, but it would have been party money, not tax money.

And good gov't, Bob, is not a particular forte of either the NDP or of it's policy advisor the BC Fed.

Doesn't Richard Tones work for the NDP?

I think its funny.

Volunteering on a weekday in the middle of the day while staffing an MLA (Lorne Mayencourt) and a cabinet minister (Brenda Locke) at the same time?

If you buy that, I've got some really excellent (slightly used) aluminum ferries you might be interested in.

I guess it's nothing more than an amazing coincidence that two government staffers just happened to be at the convention--working--at the same time they were "volunterring." I'll rest easy with that assurance.

Bob, do you have a specific allegation of a specific staffer doing politics at the Fed convention on government dime? If so, pick up the phone and call Vaughn Palmer.

I'm sick of this vague innuendo crap on an anonymous board. Put up or shut up.

No kidding Bob...those unfounded alligations, if you actually have substantive evidence, should go to Vaughn or Sean...if you don't have enough evidence to do that, keep this crap off the board.

- I am a member of the NDP...
- I was a staff person in the previous gov't
- I stated my real name and contact info

My point was that individuals should be accountable for their statements, as I was.

You are in politics for christ sake!

Stand up and take your thumb out of your mouth...

The No Democray Party is still being Neo-Nazi like is so funny First They Sack north Delta and Second Take over Select Riding like Frasierview, Fairview and Kingsway boy Thirdly They call them 'Selfs' "The People Party". Looks like the NDP is really showing there colors this time!

Dear Mr. Tunes,

I looked at your contact info - it says 'uvss'. I think if I'm not mistaken that is university of victoria students society...that means either (a) you are using that email address for non-work related reasons, or (b) you are posting your opinions here as part of your job - is that to say what you write is the official position of the students society? i'll bet students are glad to hear that is where their student fees are going

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