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The provincial government has approved an increase in funding to women's services, Public Eye has learned. But there was some debate among caucus members about how and whether to go ahead with that increase. One reason: the Liberals cutback $1.7 million in funding to women's centres because, according to insiders, half of the work many of those centres do is activism and half is actual services. And the Liberals, out of principle, didn't think government should be funding advocacy work. So there was concern restoring some of the funding could undermine that principle. Insiders also say Minister of State for Women's and Senior's Services Ida Chong proposed to have that funding announcement rolled out around the anniversary of the Montreal massacre. But it was decided not to play politics with that date. So the announcement will instead be kicked out sometime later.

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Did they really choose 'not to play politics with that date', or were they perhaps concerned that their latest 'Policy by P.R.' decision might receive a little too much scrutiny if announced at a time when folks on both side of the issue might actually be paying attention?

After all, these days a B.C. Liberal by any other name would appear to be Expediency.

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