She has the same explosive power as a tactical nuclear weapon

Is former provincial cabinet minister Christy Clark a ticking time bomb? That's the question some audience members were asking following this morning's Ipsos-Reid Corp. briefing on the upcoming election. The reason: during his presentation, BCTV legislative bureau chief Keith Baldrey told the assembled that Ms. Clark is "fundamentally unhappy with the direction government is taking but it's too early to be speaking out against the government." During his presentation, the television reporter also said the New Democrats were better organized on the ground than the Liberals and there was a real possibility the lefties could win the next election - although he added the New Democrats continue to be a divided party.


christy is positioning herself to take over Gordo's job, leadership review
having marissen as a hubby will definently help
she will also have the indo vote, that's all she needs in terms of delegates..

The leadership review has come and gone. It would have made more sense to make a move over the summer.

Its only a matter of time!! Tick tick tick, listen closely gordo, tick tick tick.

The Campbell Government has been a bitter, bitter disappointment for many Liberals.

Unfortunately, those disappointed Liberals didn't bother make that known when it mattered. Campbell scored 91% on the membership leadership support vote, held over the fall.

it's very simple, gordo's team loses approx 25 seats, all the blame is put on gordo's shoulders(his low approval ratings), unrest occurs between conservative types (falcon & Co.) and Liberal's ( Farrel Collins & Christy's gang), an internal battle ensues, libs win strictly on organizing and sheer numbers..note: Falcon's debacle in Surrey Panorama, (loss of Indo Vote)..hence gordo packs up and Christy or Farrel Collins lead the party...As simple as it gets!!

That should have been how it played out after the 1996 debacle..

My fuzzy dice are showing a federal campaign for the 2005 Federal election. It’s a no brainier. Already talking the talk and walking the walk of a federal MP throwing….a few jabs..a few compliments…a few jabs…a few compliments …left right and center. Maybe she can talk the BCTF into a campaign contribution.

Not likely.

I would safely say that the vast majority of the BCTF despise Christy Clark.

i can still smell the stench from the gang of six, coup, of harcourt back in the 90,s.
congrats to christy, she,s playing her cards right.
my question is , who,s handing her the knives?

I don't know ...

Is the province ready for a middle of the road, socially progressive and fiscally conservative Premier Christy Clark?

Usually we vote and get just one or the other.

I thought Christy was taking off time to be with her son. What would her excuse be if she changed tactics? Wouldn't that blow up in her face?

sorry MOR but , she,s fishing for support ,and doing a dam good job of it,

the plan, keep your mouth shut, and read all the con,, theorys.then throw out another hook.

suprisingly people are catching it.
myself ,,i don,t care much for sushi, but i heard it,s quite healthy
till then nic.

I've often wondered if her departure from politics wasn't because she knows (or suspects) what's coming down as a result of last year's police raid on on the Leg. Both her husband and brother were questioned, afterall.

By the way - why would reporter Baldrey be making a 'presentation' at such an event?

'Christy's just quitting politics to spend more quality time with her family before they all go to jail'.

One of my friends said this to me on the day Christy resigned and I think he's right on the dot there.

Christy is positioning herself to make a come back as a premier in 2009 (when her son finally grows up and know...7), she's also pulling very cheap shots to try and emberass the premier. She would make dirty deals with even the NDP to try and advance her own personal political ambitions.

It's a good thing because I think more and more people are starting to realize her plans.

one thing for sure is iron maiden rules,,
waifer crackers,, carole james,,
are you getting bored yet.


Christy and her family are about as guilty as Legi-gate as Mike Harcourt was guilty of Bingo-Gate.

BH - you've got to be smoking something from dave basi's weed stash.


While I am certainly not a Christy Clark apologist, I think you have gone too far in suggesting she is quitting politics to spend time with her family before they go to jail. That type of comment lowers the political dialogue in this province. None of her family members have been charged with anything and they will not be.

If Gordo loses or relinqushies the leadership between 2005 and 2009 and the libs pick someone like christy or gary, they lose the 2009 - unless clark or collins is willing to court and keep the "illiberal" polacks, etc in the tent.
for at least the past 52 years, keeping the ndp out of power required a right leader who draws federal libs of the right, tories and those further right. not likely to change
Absent a united right, the NDP win, - see 1972, 1991, 1996 ... On purely electoral basis a "softened" rich coleman is likely to bring the libs more success than a "toughened" christy clark

Baloney no right, no win. The Socreds crumbled when then ventured too far down the road with uber social conservative Van der Zalm and the coalition of Libs and Tories prior to the ascension of Wacky fell apart when the Tories got huffy about having to share seats with the Grits. The 60% of the province that isn't NDP is a mix of moderates and right wingers. Forget the middle and the NDP win.

Bologna, Sally!! Forget the right and it creates its own party - even humble Mr. Gillanders took enough votes to allow Glen Clark to make a house majority out of a second place finish in popular vote.
Zalm went too far right even for the media who decided they could try to make Gordon Wilson premier to backfill the middle.
Politics hates a vaccuum - if Clark or Collins or Hansen (?) try to create a warm and fuzzy liberal party they create their own opposition on the right. And lose
There is no "nice" BC Liberal party of yore - Boss Johnson? David Anderson? Those who say they feel betrayed by the Campbell liberals were not paying attention when they put their ballot in the box

There is one reason and only one reason for the NDP being so strong in British Columbia: the right wing.

Because this province is ruled by ideological radicals, and everyone who is sensible is off skiing or dropping out, the political system is owned by the nutcases of both the left and right. That's why so many people vote NDP - because they want a socially progressive government. But when they screw up because they don't want to manage, people vote for the Socreds/BC Liberals to get the "fiscal house in order". But when those guys get mean, and the God-squad start squawking, people vote NDP again because they want to tip the balance.

If we could offer a real, fiscally responsible, socially progressive government, the old ways and the old system will disappear.

If so many British Columbians were really NDPers, or socialists, it would show up in federal elections too.

It's all just a reaction to right wing nonsense.

Let's not only get a real Liberal government in this province, but let's get rid of the nutcases!!

That's worth fighting for.

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