Nixon went to China too

Premier Gordon Campbell is meeting with Indo-Canadian community leaders this Saturday, Public Eye has learned. Insiders say the meeting is part of an ongoing effort by the provincial government to strengthen (read: repair) relations with that community. Attendees, who are said to number more than a dozen (and perhaps as many as 30), will include Prem Vinning, who was previously one of the principal Indo-Canadian organizers for the federal Liberals in British Columbia before he was sidelined by the Martinites. While most insiders seem to think this meeting is a good thing, there's some concern the premier is putting traditionalists and moderates in the same room together.


he is also meeting with moderate temple guys, good reachout move...unlike comments from his staffers(Sall)

INTERESTING MOVE,lets see if it helps, especially after the Byelection mess...they definently need the Indo vote..

Perhaps they should ask him, at the very least, to explain why he did not treat Basi and Virk in the same manner!

The community doesn't give a hoot bout basi and virk, especially not in the lower mailnland, they didn't even know who these guys were.

Basi who? Virk who?

Prem Who?

Isn't that the guy who double-dealed Jean Chretien and Paul Martin -- and therefore, in the end, lost all credibility in the community.

He was important in the community maybe 10 years ago, but there are now a good number of Indo-Canadian Liberal MLA's -- elected by the people.

Why is Gordon working with a has-been when he could have simply made at least one of his Indo-Canadian MLA's a cabinet minister and showed the community that he "gets it"?

Uh, I suppose the real, real, deal doesn't consider Sindi Hawkins Indo-Canadian.

Nice. At least if you respond, get your facts straight.

Get a grip - you do not understand Indo-Canadian politics, simply by your message.

Everyone likes Sindi - but she is not from the Lower Mainland, and she is extremely westernized.

Who do you think should get a cabinet bump? If we're picky as to what constitutes a bone fide Indo Canadian MLA, then that leaves about 2 MLAs who were elected in 2001, one who resigned his cabinet post and seat.

Hey real deal, its time to get a reality check. The last time I checked Gulzar Cheema was an indo-canadian cabinet minister from, you guessed it, the lower mainland. Didn't he resign in 2003 to run federally?

And, the last time I checked Sindi Hawkins has indo-canadian heritage. Or do you have something against women??

UNdERSTAND, the community has zero connection with Sindi Hawkins, even media like Vaughn Palmer understand that (read Van Sun), she never attends Indo events or meets with the community, the community really believes she is non-indo, talk to people of Indo background, they will tell you

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