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The chattering classes have pummelled the citizens' assembly proposal to change British Columbia electoral system. But it's not down for the count yet. The embryonic committee supporting that proposal is having another meeting tonight, with Crease Harman and Company lawyer Bruce Hallsor hosting the Victoria-side of the conference call and James Hoggan and Associates Inc. account and business development director Erin Airton covering the Vancouver-side. According to an email obtained by Public Eye, a number of topics will be discussed - including the committee's official launch date, which is scheduled for December 10 at the legislature. The following is a copy of the meeting agenda.


December 8, 2004

1. Welcome

1.1 Introductions - very quickly please

2. Organisation of Yes Campaign

2.1 Party or not? Bernard
2.2 Society or not? Bruce
2.3 Lynne Surpe organiser??

3. Outreach

3.1 Web page
3.2 Names of supporters

4. Fundraising

4.1 Events
4.2 Direct Mail
4.3 Bank Account
4.4 Election Finance rules update
4.5 Any and all bright ideas to get money

5. December 10 launch

5.1 Phone and mail address
5.2 Media advisory
5.3 Media event location

6. Communications issues

7. Liasion with CA Alumni assoc.

8. Other issues

9. Future Meetings

10. Adjournment

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Anyone heard of the start of a formation for a "No" side?

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