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Today, The Province reported North Vancouver-Seymour backbencher Dan Jarvis "is being challenged by North Van school board trustee Cindy Silver. Silver is a crusading Christian who specializes in fighting legal cases against same-sex marriage and other religious causes." Public Eye broke that story early last week. Mr. Smyth also reported retiring Langley backbencher Lynn Stephens was opposed to former Surrey-Panorama Ridge by-election candidate Mary Polak's plan to seek a nomination in her riding. Public Eye brought you that news yesterday.


It didn't seem possible that the BC Libs could swing even further to the right! The more to the "fundamentalist right" that the BC Libs move is good news for the New Democrats as the centre voter is left homeless. Now the New Democrats need to run a centre-left candidate in that riding and away to the races they go. Is Campbell aware of what is going on? First Mary Polak and now Cindy Silver?

This is what destroyed the Socreds - ie. Vanderzalm and his crazy friends...

When is Gordo going to take control of this mess?

It is amazing in BC that the BC Liberals are accused of being seriously right wing when their politics are the same as the federal Liberals.

So the Liberals increase funding to schools and healthcare each and every year and they are accused of cutting the budgets.

School boards have falling enrollment and need to close schools, but suddenly the government is at fault! The problem is that people are not having enough kids.

The BC Liberals are the first government in BC since the coalition government in the late 40s to deliver a true balanced budget - no Socred like hiving debt off to crown corps like WAC did, or Budget Stabilisation Fund like Mel Couvelier, or outright lieing by Clark in 1996 or the sudden windfall in 2000/01 (of which a bunch of cash never did make it to BC)

The BC Liberals are the most centrist government BC has seen since Duff Patulo in the 1930s. Though Harcourt was close.

The Right Wing in BC is unhappy with the very centrist path of the current government and would run a serious campaign against them if they did not fear the unreconstructed NDP that is on the horizon. If the NDP had been lead by Nils Jensen and the party had purged the unreconstrcuted left, there would be a right wing party ala Reform in 1996 to run against the Liberals.

Centrist path? You have to be kidding. Increased budgets for education? Maybe...and then at the same time they doubled the cost of the MSP premium that the school districts have to pay for their employees. Then the BC Libs legislated a pay increase for the teachers that was not funded by the province. Bring on the radical-right only helps the New Democrats

Mr. "Get Real":

Centrist? Most "centrist since Duff"?

That's not saying much. We haven't had a Liberal Party in government since that time.

In point of fact, we haven't really had a centrist government in BC's history, other than maybe Bennett Sr. He was a much greater province-builder than Gordon Campbell -- not afraid to use the power of state to build the interior. Gordon is just a mean-spirited guy like Bennett Jr.

Gordon Campbell could have killed the NDP once and for all if he really chose the path of centrism.

The irresponsible, stupid tax cut on the first day of office, the repressive cuts in almost all areas of government, the acinine moves with the Coquihalla and BC Rail -- those are not the actions of a "centrist" government.

He is always pandering to the right wing element, be they these crazy Bible-thumpers or the uber-rich Howe Street crowd.

If Gordon does not watch it, these Bible-thumpers are going to be the death of him, much like they killed the Social Credit party.

The general public, the "unwashed masses" are neither left nor right. Why do our leaders have to always swing so far in either direction?

Look what happened to Willy Vanderzalm. Look what happened to Glen Clark. In the end, British Columbians reject the radical right AND the radical left.

Earth to Gordon! Earth to Gordon!

WAC a centrist? The supreme poltical manipulator? The man who personally interferred with the judicial system to protect a corupt and criminal cabinet minister?

Look around the BC Liberals, the biblethumpers are not there. Paul Martins people are the ones that are around.

Call Campbell mean spirited does not mean he is right wing - there have been more than enough mean spirited left wing people.

No matter what is said, there is no facts to sustain saying their have been government cuts to healthcare or education. The recent facts show that the BC education system remains one of the best in Canada and one of the best in the world if one judges it by the success of the students.

Also, the Ueberrich in BC have mainly decamped to Alberta - Calgary is now the real business capital in western Canada, Vancouver is mainly the home of some well paid managers of businesses for others.

As to privatization, this is no longer left or right issue. All parties recognize the state should sell businesses. The NDP privatized and the Liberals did as well, that is just the zeitgeist and not an indication of political ideology.

Not governing well is not an indication of being right wing, if it was, Glen Clark would have been our most right wing premier.

I ask again, what is there that to indicate that the BC Liberals are anything other than a centerist party political party with a few right wingers that reluctantly have joined them?

Hey Get Real--you must be talking about a different political party because I don't see many small-l liberals hanging out with the BCL anymore.

Hmmm, how do you explain Gary Collins? Or the nominee in Delta North, Jeanie Kanakos? Or Sheila Orr and lets not get into the MAs, EAs and other fart catchers at the Rockpile etc... etc... etc...

The place seems full of federal Liberal types - especially the Paul Martinis.

OK Sean, here is a task, do a run down of the BC Liberal MLAs and political staff and show how many are federal Liberals how many are not.

Also, policy wise, where is the difference with between the two Liberal parties? You will not find one because there is no significant difference

Dear Get Real;
Get Real

Get Real's comments about the Federal Liberals and BC Campbell Libs does not make the BC Libs look better. What it should do is make the voters take another look at the Paul Martin Liberals. Who was it that gouged the billions out of the social safety net? Why it was our past federal finance minister and current PM, Paul Martin! Same vicious cuts to the social safety net that Gordon Campbell has now made on the provincial scene.

Yah and Roy Romanow closed over 50 rural hospitals in Saskatchewan to balance the budget. I can think of one prominent Canadian who would disagree with your contention that the only way to demonstrate compassion is to engage in deficit spending - Tommy freakin' Douglas!

Grow up! Deficit spending is no longer a right-left issue. No one can get elected in anywhere Canada without promising balanced budgets. That's because Canadians remember the pain of eliminating deficit spending and never want to repeat it again.

And if you believe the Saskatchewn budget was balanced - sustainably and for the long term, not just for a year or two - without any pain or tough decisions then your ignorance is willful.

It is nice to see that no one can actually come up with anything to show that the BC Liberals are to the right of the Federal Liberals.

100 CPC (and Chuck Cadman) federal right wingers elected out of 308 says to me that the Federal Liberals are in the centre.

BC and Quebec are oddly the only provinces in Canada without a serious right wing party.

Most BC Liberals would be more at home at a Pride Parade than at a Billy Graham revival. But then again no provincial party in Canadian history has elected as many out gay MLAs as the BC Liberals.

In fact, one of the BC Liberal MLAs got married to his partner while in office! (Ted Nebbling - the MLA that was sexually harrassed by NDP female cabinet members in the '96-'01 term)

To "Get Real":
Kevin Falcon, Rich Coleman for starters on right-winger MLAs...they just happen to be amongst the most powerful cabinet ministers.

And yeah, Nebbeling got married to his same-sex partner (and good for him!), but he also got bounced out of cabinet by Martyn Brown (and don't try to tell me that HE'S a federal Lib) for doing so, and don't forget he stormed out of a caucus meeting when Campbell's hand-picked candidate Mary Pollak was introduced.

As for staff, how about Ian Todd, Stockwell Day's former Chief of staff, working for Rick Thorpe (also just a tad to the right of centre).

Get Real... you're a hoot. The BC Liberals are in the same universe as the fed liberals??? Don't say that too loudly, I don't think that Rich Coleman, Stan Hagen, John VanDongen, Martyn Brown, Rod Love, Gordon Campbell, and on and on and on, want to admit having anything in common with the federal Liberals other than a name. And as for not having any fanatical Christians... hmmm.. Cindy Silver and Kevin "Freddie" Kreuger come to mind.

The one federal Liberal that held a high profile was Christy Clark, and look where she is now. That to me is as clear a message that the BC Liberals are nothing like the Federal Liberals.

The comment about the Socreds downfall is pretty accurate. You can't keep the religious fanatics down for long. And those people believe in "ours is the only way." aka George Bush etc. Very dangerous, and people in BC don't have the stomach for that kind of fanaticism. The same they way that the voters don't have a stomach for communists, fascists etc. Anyways, I'll let your words speak for themselves.

"Get Real":

I think you must be feeling very awkward having to be an apologist for this bizarre BC Liberal government.

If they are such liberals as you say, why is it that it's the LIBERALS that are disaffected, and the CONSERVATIVES who seem to be in more control than ever before?

Please tell me how these policies are "liberal":

* closing down womens centres
* getting rid of the Human Rights Tribunal
* gutting legal aid
* taking away hot lunches from inner-city school kids
* throwing thousands more people on the streets, and then making it a crime to beg
* putting strict time limits on welfare
* contracting out hospital food to companies that make patients puke (more than they ever would have before!)

This is just the beginning of the list.

If there are still any liberals in that party (and I do agree, there are quite a few that are still members) they should all hang their heads in shame.

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