Rolling out the welcome wagon

On Saturday, Surrey Now's Marisa Babic reported controversial former Surrey school trustee Mary Polak is looking to run for the provincial Liberals in Langley. But one person who won't be endorsing her is the riding's sitting MLA Lynn Stephens, who has announced she won't be running in the next election. In an interview with Public Eye, Ms. Stephens told us she would be supporting, "Anybody but Polak."

According to the backbencher, the former Surrey-Panorama Ridge by-election candidate is "an outsider. She has absolutely no connection to Langley at all. She's a parachute. It just mystifies me why she'd look outside Surrey." Nor does she buy the argument that Ms. Polak's values match Langley's values. "I think she's very unaware of exactly what this riding is. And she's never demonstrated she has any knowledge of the Langley riding at all. And she should remember that not only has Surrey changed in the last couple years but Langley has as well."


Good for Lynn!!

Gordon Campbell better make sure that he deals with this problem, or he can kiss hundreds of workers goodbye -- all throughout the Lower Mainland.

Earth to Gordon and Kevin Falcoln: You have the right wing vote already!! You need moderate voters to win!!

Lynn better make sure that there is someone running against her.

All ican say good luck to HENRY.Your advise to Gordo will hit the rock and come back to you,because he is a rock who does not listen to British Columbians.With any luck try Howe street,Fraser Institute or his brother.

Good on ya Lynn. Hope some of meateaters are listening.

If Polack wants to secure a right-wing riding, she should try further East. Like Chilliwack, Hope, or maybe even the deep end of the Fraser River with the rest of the bottom feeders. I continue to be shocked that Campbell has endorsed a woman who is SO conservative. Polack is freaky. You only have to look at the Surrey School Board's track record to see just how freaky.

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