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More news from Babble. According to the rabble rousers, Adrian Dix, Premier Glen Clark's chief of staff, has won the provincial New Democrat nomination in Vancouver-Kingsway. Our unofficial correspondent Adam Tondowsky reports Mr. Dix received 330 votes on the first ballot. Former Peruvian revolutionary Alicia Barsallo came in with 171, followed by homebuilder Shavinder Parmar at 141 and ex-Filipino student activist Roberto Rous at 84. Messrs. Parmar and Rous withdrew before the second ballot, which Mr. Dix won with 264 votes to Ms. Barsallo's 236.


Congrats to Adrian, and to the people who supported his nomination. Now all Adrian has to do is get control of the executive at the AGM, and things will turn around in a good way for the members in Vancouver Kingsway, and the riding as a whole. Congratulations to the people of Vancouver Kingsway for not making the hard LEFT TURN.

Currently the riding is represented by some guy who's biggest claim to fame in 3 1/2 years of being the MIA err MLA for the riding is attempting and failing miserably to have school uniforms made mandatory in the public education system, an idea that would bring uniformity to school children. He's so memorable, I even forgot his name.

Hmmm... a representative of the BC Fiberals advocating for a communistic ideal such as all school children dressing the exact same way. I'd keep low if I were him. Don't want the neo cons to think he's gone soft.

Former Peruvian revolutionary? Seriously?

What next, former Hamas failed suicide bomber?
(But I guess she didn't win, so it's a moot point.)

Not true about Nijjar having done nothing. His last mailer listed the re-naming of Joyce Station as Joyce-Collingwood Station as one of his achievements. Nijjar should be embarrassed to show his face in the election if that is the best work he can point to.

For various reasons I won't go into details (not least of which is that I couldn't make out 100% of what he had to say) but, you should try and get a copy of Roberto Rous' nomination speech. :)

One other nomination this past weekend: I believe 2001 candidate and Esquimalt City Councilor Maurine Karagianis was acclaimed in Esquimalt-Metchosin.

Next week (thanks to the CBC for this) Surrey-Whalley and Saanich South. I would guess those 2 are the last for the year. They will bring the total nominations up to 17. The new year kicks off on January 9 when long time Coquitlam city councillor Diane Thorne will likely be acclaimed in Coquitlam-Maillardville.

For people wanting to play mischief, of the 18 nominated and soon to be nominated candidates, only 3 are women. (I don't think there are any women running for the nomination in either Surrey-Whalley or Saanich South). Of those, 2 will have been acclaimed, and the other, Sue Hammell, defeated another woman for the nomination. I believe there have been 8 ridings where women have run and lost.

Glad all you New Democrats think Adrian Dix was the the credible candidate. I just want to let all of you know that I boldly predicted Dix would win in a memo to file that I swear I wrote 18 months ago.

I've heard, and not sure if Adam T knew this riding, that Joyce Procure has been acclaimed in the Okanagan-Westside riding, currently represented by Rick Thorpe.

Chelsea, no I was not aware. We'll see if it's reported in the online papers in a couple days.

Much more interesting would be to see the number women in ridings that the NDP has a chance in - that being some 30-35 of them.

Okanagan Westside is a no hoper for the NDP.

Chelsea, yes, it is true. It's on the NDP web site. :)

Bernard, I don't know if it's a no hoper for the NDP. I think this is pretty much the same riding that Bill Barlee won in 1991. The Liberals aren't exactly especially popular in the interior. The NDP has pretty stringent rules a riding executive has to meet in order to hold a nomination meeting. So, for them to hold this so early suggests the NDP in that riding could be on the move.

Is anyone doing like Adam T did for the New Democrats and collecting info on the BC Liberal's nomination process? That might be fun to see the list in one place. It is easier to see the right-leaning patterns then.

Actually, from those I've spoken to in the riding, OK-Westside, I'm told its a strong possibility that the NDP will win in May. The area's been hard hit (hospital closed, the UBC takeover robbed them of a lot of expansion that would have taken place, parents up in arms about changes to the requirements and the structure of the schools). Beyond all that, the Okanagan has become retirement heaven, and, apparently, old people have issue with the Liberals. Something called health care... The riding in particular is home to older people and a lot of young families.

Who won the nomination in New Westminster; Steve McClurg or Chuck Puchmayr? The meeting was on Sunday...any results out there?

Hi New'ester. In fact, it wasn't the nomination race that took place in New West on Sunday, it was the AGM. The New West nomination meeting is on Sunday January 30th, 2005. As for results of the AGM... the people in New West elected a good group of people who ran a slate, much to chagrin of a certain "I was this close to winning" candidate for nomination, and his fan club. Ahh I do love politics.

And John English, yes I too would agree that Adrian comes with some baggage. But then again... doesn't a certain MLA from Vancouver Burrard have some skeletons in the closet that the Vancouver Sun helped keep hidden during the last provincial election? And unlike that MLA, Mr. Dix has come forward, admitted his mistake, yada yada. I personally was hoping someone like Ian Waddell, who has represented that constituency previously would have ran for the nomination, but perhaps he's keeping his options open federally.

And John, seeing Harry Lali acclaimed made me ill as much as anyone else. But that's constituency democracy. The NDP isn't like the federal Liberals who have made parachuting an art form. But there's some trouble ahead in one riding in Burnaby. We'll see how it plays out.

For all the discussion about "old time New Democrats running for the NDP", it's interesting that two of the sixteen nominated candidates are former provincial Liberals: Bob Simpson in Cariboo North and Ravinder Gill in Vancouver-Fraserview.

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