Pot meets kettle, kettle meets pot

Last Saturday, The Vancouver Sun's Gordon Hamilton reported complaints by provincial New Democrat nomination candidate Harmon Ball that his constituency association was, "letting Liberals decide who is going to run for the NDP." The reason: according to Mr. Bal, 110 of Vancouver-Fraserview's 523 members are also listed as federal Liberals in Vancouver-South Burnaby. The candidate has filed a complaint about those dual membership. After all, provincial New Democrats are required to belong to the party's federal wing. But here's the funny part.

According to Grit insiders, Mr. Bal's father Hardev sold Liberal memberships on behalf of former Vancouver-South Burnaby MP Herb Dhaliwal, a cabinet minister with the Chretien administration. As for Harmon, those same insiders say he was a vice-president with the Liberal's Burnaby-Douglas constituency association. And, during the party's recent leadership race, Vancouver-Kingsway Liberals elected him as a male youth delegate for Sheilla Copps (although he didn't end up going to the convention).

But Harmon's campaign manager Peter Manson denies his candidate or Hardev have ever been Grits, denouncing those allegations as "outright lies." In fact, Mr. Manson says Hardev is a longtime socialist. But he did confirm the Bals live at 804 East 37th Avenue - which just so happens to be the same house the two alleged Liberals are said to live at. The Vancouver-Fraserview nomination meeting is scheduled to be held tomorrow.

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