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Earlier, Public Eye reported the British Columbia New Democrat's provincial executive had seized control of Vancouver-Kingsway's upcoming Sunday nomination meeting. The executive took charge following complaints by nomination candidates Adrian Dix and Sharvinder Parmar that the riding's constituency association executive treated them unfairly. And how had they treated those candidates unfairly, you might ask? Well, it might have had something to do with the fact the association, which is controlled by their competitor Alicia Barsallo, put Andrew Adler on the nomination meeting's credentials and balloting committees. You see, in addition to being the association's membership secretary, Mr. Adler was listed in a news release as a spokeperson for Comandate Barsallo's nomination campaign. The following is a copy of that release.

The Alicia Barsallo nomination team has decided to put our nomination campaign on hold for a few days in order to help Surrey NDP candidate Jagrup Brar get elected. Please join our Friday, Saturday and Sunday caravans to Jagrup's campaign office!

NDP candidate Jagrup Brar, a community activist with strong views on social justice, is fighting the BC Liberals with only a small team of people. The Surrey by-election is key for us. We need the BC Liberals defeated. This is a first step towards kicking the BC Liberals out of office in May 2005!

The BC Liberals from the cabinet and elsewhere have been pouring in backing and money for their candidate from the beginning. We cannot let these characters take the good people of Surrey by surprise and defeat us.

Talk to the people you know in Surrey to do everything they can, and help, yourself, by joining our caravans to Jagrup's campaign office as follows: We have a caravan leaving Alicia Barsallo's house for Jagrup's campaign office on Friday Oct. 22nd at 3pm sharp and on Saturday Oct 23rd at 3 pm sharp.

Alicia's house is located on 4184 Brant St. in Vancouver. She is between Vanness and E. 27th and one block West of the Nanaimo station of the Skytrain. On Sunday Oct 24th the caravan leaves Collingwood Neighbourhood House right after the Vancouver-Kingsway all candidates' pre-nomination forum that starts at 3 pm on that same day.

Collingwood Neighbourhood House is located at 5288 Joyce, one block and a half from Vanness and the Joyce Station of the Skytrain. Would love to see you there. We will need cars so bring yours if you have one! We'd love to see your enthusiasm and your smile. Directions to the Surrey Panorama Ridge NDP campaign office are also available on request.

Jagrup Brar's campaign office’s phone number is: 604-587-0014. The office is located on 104 - 13630 72nd Avenue, Surrey, V3W 2P3. By Skytrain to get out there, take the Expo Line to Surrey Central Skytrain Station. Then take the #321 bus and stay on it until 72nd Avenue. Ring the bell at 72nd Avenue and the bus will stop directly in front of the office.



(Warning: sarcasm alert) We New Democrats are supposed to be morally superior people. Shame on us for engaging in the low behaviour of lesser people.

Whats the problem with neutral people running a nomination meeting. It happened at the Burnaby Edmonds NDP nomination meeting, with people from other ridings doing the balloting committee. This whining and crying from Alicia and her executive, is just more evidence of why she shouldn't win the nomination. Her and the executive run contrary to practically every action and idea that comes forward from the party. To go to an executive meeting and hear people talk about Armed Revolution in Canada.... Get Real. Thankfully I no longer reside in Vancouver Kingsway.

It should also be noted that Mr. Andrew Adler is the spouse of Candidate Alicia Barsallo. The whole thing has been a farce. About time that Provincial Office stepped in and took control.

For the last few years, the antics and shenanigans that go on in Vancouver Kingsway have run contrary to the direction in which the party is headed. No where else but at executive meetings in Vancouver Kingsway will you hear terms like "revolution" "armed insurrection" and the like muttered. The Shining Path wannabes should take a look around. Vancouver Kingsway was an NDP stronghold. Now its been reduced to being called the Communist Enclave of Vancouver Kingsway and a laughing stock amongst people of all political stripes. If they nominate Comrade Barsallo again, I fear that the riding will be condemned to 4 more years of Rob "School Uniforms: A Neo Con sees the Light in a Communist Idea" Nijjar.

I think that the executive at Van Kingsway should do the right thing.... Make a LEFT TURN and exit stage left. For the good of the party. This isn't a 3rd world country, or province, and I'm afraid that an armed revolution (no matter how revolting Campbell is) isn't palatable to the people of Canada.

So, you're a member of the Van Kingsway executive, then? You seem to know much of what is 'muttered' at the meetings. Beyond that, the executive is elected by the membership, so one way or another, they have support.

Chelsea, that is an incorrect assumption. I have attended executive meetings and functions of the Van Kingsway riding when I resided there and heard the "mutterings" of several people there. At that time, the number of members in the riding was approx. 250. And not all 250 members were supportive of terms like Armed Revolution, Overthrow, or other ideas that went on there. You could say that the riding had a communist coup take place, and lots of people got fed up and left. By virtue of moving, I now reside in an area where there's a somewhat more modern progressive democratic executive. The days of the Hammer and Sickel, Red Star over Vancouver... those ideals belong in the Communist party, not the NDP.

The sooner the Brigade takes that LEFT TURN and goes that way, out of the NDP, the better the riding will be for it. Otherwise, if Alicia wins, you could almost assuredly guarantee Rob Nijjar re election.

While Blairites celebrate Barsallo's defeat, it should be remembered that the British Columbia NDP was built by committed socialists. There never would have been a Barrett government (1972-75) or subsequent NDP government's (1991-2001) without the vision and work of these socialist pioneers. The Socialist Party of Canada was the founding section of the BC CCF (predecessor of the NDP), and formed the official opposition in the BC Legislature its first election in 1933, with 32% of the vote. Rather than a fringe, socialism has always represented a substantial layer of public opinion in BC, in both urban and rural areas.

Socialism has been the greatest source of strength of the CCF-NDP in BC, rather than a weakness. BC is a more progressive society today because of those people who articulated a vision that was distinct from capitalism. Without the contribution of people who had the courage to step outside the mainstream, there would be no political left in Canada today, and we would be locked in the hopeless two-party system that reigns south of the border.

Ben Isitt
PhD Candidate in BC labour and political history

I (Andrew Adler) was never on the balloting committee. As membership secretary I HAD to be on the credentials committee, and I am neither foolish enough, nor energetic enough, to attempt to do two large tasks simultaneously.

And there never was talk by the table officers of "Armed Revolution," for the simple reason that none of us favour it.

I too highly doubt Alicia Barsallo and other socialists in BC are planning any kind of armed conflict, that's rediculous. I'd like to print the first principle of the NDP constitution.

"That the production and distribution of goods and services shall be directed to meeting the social and individual needs of people within a sustainable environment and economy and not to the making of profit"

Consider democraticly passing legislation to place social production under social ownership and democratic management, that would be the "overthrow" of the profit system in my books.

Please give Ms. Barsallo a break, she's only pushing for the implementation of the parties own constitutional principles.

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