Happily spoiling Reichert's plans

Earlier, Public Eye reported Liberal party executive director Kelly von Reichert hadn't returned repeated phone calls over a two month period asking who belongs to the Liberal's re-election committee. That committee is chaired by influential backroom boy Patrick Kinsella and Finance Minister Gary Collins. But despite Mr. Reichert's tightlips, we have since discovered former Socred operatives Greg Lyle and Jess Ketchum are working to help get the Liberals re-elected. And, thanks to our spies, we've added another name to that uber-secret list - TBWA\Vancouver president Andrea Southcott.

When we spoke with Ms. Southcott earlier today, she would neither confirm nor deny she was part of the Liberal's re-election planning team. But, to her credit, she promptly returned our phone call and was far more open and accountable than Mr. Reichert has been (hint to Kelly: this is how you keep journalists happy). Ms. Southcott told Public Eye, "I work on (the advertising account for the Liberals)...I'm committed to seeing this province grow and I'm supportive of the party." Ms. Southcott also said her firm is "just starting to get active" on that account. The following is our backgrounder on Ms. Southcott.


Andrea Southcott was named president and chief operating officer of Bryant, Fulton & Shee Advertising Inc. in 2001, becoming the first woman to head up a major agency in Vancouver. She has been with the company, which is now known as TBWA\Vancouver, since 1992. Prior to that, the University of British Columbia commerce graduate held account-management positions with agencies in both Vancouver and Toronto. Her firm, which has contributed $8,765 to the Liberals since 1999, was responsible for the party's advertisements in the 2001 election and components of the more recent government-funded Bringing out the Best campaign. More than $1.4 million has been transferred from the provincial treasury to TBWA\Vancouver since the party won that election. According to public accounts, government did not pay any money to the company between fiscal 1997/98 and 2000/01. Bryant, Fulton and Shee is considered one of Vancouver's top ad agencies.


Payments to TBWA\Vancouver/Bryant, Fulton and Shee

Fiscal 2003/04 - $958,339
Fiscal 2002/01 - $465,504
Fiscal 2001/02 - $0
Fiscal 2000/01 - $0
Fiscal 1999/00 - $0
Fiscal 1998/99 - $0
Fiscal 1997/98 - $0


Donations from TBWA\Vancouver/Bryant, Fulton and Shee

2003 - $3,590
2002 - $2,675
2001 - $0
2000 - $2,500
1999 - $0

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