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Last week, Public Eye reported Vancouver-Fraserview provincial Liberal backbencher Ken Johnston's constituency assistant Barinder Sall sent an email to Vancouver Sun columnist Vaughn Palmer, observing "there is a generation clash here between the older and younger indo-Canadians (sic). As these older guys want to be recognized, want fame, and I think maybe a sovereign the younger guys rather operate discretely, spend time golfing and enjoy life with their families." And it seems those statements haven't gone down well with community elders.

In a headlining story referencing Public Eye, LINK staffer R. Paul Dhillon reported, "A number of older generation Liberals reacted angrily at Sall's comments, saying he lacks a political awareness or knowledge of the community's affairs and attributed his comments to someone who is trying to keep his job." The LINK is the oldest Indo-Canadian newspaper in Canada and is distributed throughout the Lower Mainland.

Mr. Sall did not return Public Eye's phone call to get comment on the email. But he told Mr. Dhillon, "he meant no disrespect to the older generation Indo-Canadian BC Liberals and perhaps his comments reflected his frustration that there were many young Indo-Canadians there at the (Liberal) convention but the media didn't report them.

'I worked really hard to take a lot of young guys and it's frustrating when they don't report that,' Sall said during an interview with this reporter Friday afternoon. 'Maybe I was too emotional when I wrote this but I'm not taking a shot at anyone, especially the older generation because I do respect them.'"


The comments have set off a firecracker in the Indo Community...without the older generation, these young guys have no backing, the radio stations are burning up, they are very upset that a younger indo would slam their community like this, considering the libs need the indo's more than ever...

I doubt these comments are doing anything, but making Barinder Sall to be perceived as a big player with a big mouth. from what i hear the indo-canadians realize that they better start to deliver soon, if they are such good bc liberals, they surely did drop the ball in panorama-ridge, and deserve to be kicked out. i bet if the bc liberals fired Barinder, the NDP would try to employ him pretty fast.

Barinder Sall is not considered a big player by any means. His boss doesn't even have the support of the largest sikh temple in his own riding (what a BIG player). He is considered a flake conservative, who spends more time travelling than actually organizing anything politically. The Indo's dont give a hoot about the Liberals right now, they never got any recognition in 5 years and they dont care what happens now, majority are backing NDP candidates for the next election. Basi, Sall all these yahoo's were to busy partying to realize they lost the community, now they can't do anything to get them back.

last thing i recall about the largest sikh temple was they were organizing against Ujjal Dosanjh in his election, and he got so many votes and won by such a large margin he embarrassed the temple.

Was it not the same temple who organized for wards, and couldn't turn anyone up, but the same old faces. The bc libs and ndp need to stop focusing on the indo vote, cause it really doesn't mean much, don't u need to be a citizen to actually vote.

Temple cann't even organize its own election let alone any political one.

Then u have ndpers like Harry lalli, his claim to fame is people think his International suits are from Harry Rosen...what a joke.

has anyone stopped to consider that these comments by this young guy are actually true. These older guys just keep talking,talking, talking, talking, talking and little bit more talking. Was it not these same elders that turned their back on Herb Dhaliwal and supported shinder purewal, and didn't the Link carry a story that said herb was no longer available to the community. Our indian community is so quick to raise someone to superstar status, but at the same time be jealous and pull this indvivdual down.

maybe Barinder Sall "the supposed most powerful indo-canadian in the bc liberals" can get a job in las vegas since siegfried and roy are no longer there, the mirage is looking for a good act, and as barinder "basi" spends a lot of time in vegas he would be a perfect fit.

That is the problem with guys like barinder sall and the BC libs, they don't appreciate the Indo vote (Ken Johnston rarely steps foot inside the temple). The ujjal factor was won on his name recognition and high profile (coincedentally it was Sall who brought in the weak conservative candidate against Ujjal, good pick Barinder)and Ujjal had strong indo supporters as well.
Unfortunantely for Sall and Johnston their only Indo supporters (punjabi market association) and ( Buta Mann, president of riding, read Vancouver Sun) are openly spewing venom towards them, that's a HUGE problem for Ken Johnston and the BC Libs, its time to stop the bleeding and these types of comments don't help.

aren't these the same temple people, that jacked up Sheila Copps to think that she had a chance to win the federal liberal leadership. they basically lied to her, and she won like what two ridings in all of canada. thse guys are all over the map, once the green party gets going look for them to jump ship to them.

Wow, this guy defending barinder, sounds like it's probably him.
Or it's someone who really hates the temple guys, what a bad political move Barinder.

What does Sheila Copps have to do with this???I remember the vancouver sun reporting her winning a couple of ridings in the interior and the riding of Abbotsford (they also attributed that directly to the sikh community) interesting...So it seems like supporters of Sall and possibly himself have nothing but hatred for the Sikh temple officials and elders of their own community.

I hope the higher powers read this (Martyn Brown and Premier Campbell) and realize why the Libs are losing the Indo Community piece by piece. These so called political organizers are full of nothing but hatred and jealousy.

The libs should focus on the chinese community and worry about the north and interior, that is the key to their success. As far as this chatter bout Indo votes, it's a waste, the people wasting time her should be out organizing and motivating their troops!!!

Hey bob, shouldn't you be focused on your own ndp fraserview nomination this weekend, instead of making this barinder sall character to be perceived as a kingmaker, from the attention he has been given, he is having a at your expense.

I would think Martyn Brown and Premier Campbell are very happy that you just created a potential Minister of multiculturalism, this is the simple reason the ndp has done well in the indo-canadian community, they always had one bad guy mla and one good guy mla. Bc lib problem was just that, and u helped solve it. Obviously the people that got slammed are pissed like Buta Mann, but there are others who don't like Mann and are happy, this gives them a say in the bc libs.

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