Essig sings the blues

Babblester Wilfred Day is reporting Cowichan Valley school district trustee Doug Routley narrowly beat Island Trust chair and blues/country musician David Essig yesterday to win the provincial New Democrat nomination in Cowichan-Ladysmith. According to the posting, Mr. Routley received 131 votes on the second ballot and Mr. Essig got 114. Also in the race: former Green member Julian West, who came in with 27 votes on the first ballot and organic farmer Nina Gribble who mustered 10. Mr. Routley, who was supported by former New Democrat cabinet ministers Jan Pullinger and Dale Lovick, has an extensive background with the Industrial, Wood and Allied Workers Union.


A serious, non-partisan question: If the NDP are full of piss and vinegar and revitalized, how come they can only get a couple of hundred people out to a nomination meeting in a riding they surely are targeting to win in the next election?

90 day rule I would guess.

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