The first commandment

From her throne atop Mount Olympus, public affairs bureau demigoddess Athana Mentzelopoulos has sent word she wants government ministries to put together a list of all their communications contractors. Those contractors are sometimes used by program managers who need communications services the bureau doesn't have the time or interest to provide. Others use them because those contractors will provide communications services that aren't driven by a political agenda. The practice was also commonplace when the New Democrats were in government. No word yet on the reason for Ms. Mentzelopoulous' request.


Perhaps its to find out how many NDP communication "hacks" are still on the government patronage payroll - being paid by all the senior civil service NDP "appointees" who this government foolishly never fired.

Aren't driven by a political agenda - give me a break Sean! More like - when you get back into power - remember that I continued to support you when you were out in the cold.

Hey simple,

What are you talking about? Athana is in charge and even she doesn't know if there is a problem (thus the request) and you talk like you have been getting communist propaganda beamed into your brain for the last 3 1/2 years. All I see is Deceive BC.

As for Sean, I don't think he is out in the cold at present. Also, there may be a bias here, but it is against everyone in a fair and consistent manner. The bias is against the blind partisanship on both (all?) sides.

I don't agree with runs either, it does not really serve anyone to go around firing willy-nilly upon every change of government. I am sure there are civil servants appointed in the socred era that did a good job during the ndp 90's and whose experience and qualifications would have been lost if they were axed for partisan reasons (not to mention the severance money and law suits).

"Should have fired them all" speaks volumes for the crooked agenda of this government and most of it's backers. Your suspiciousness and anxiety is really about the vulnerability of regressive policies and broken promises and lies of your government, as well as your intolerance. 73 MLA's are not enough, only total partisan control. Of course these are the same people who argue bitterly about Fidel Castro and his totalitarian control. The hacks are those who use tax dollars to push their crooked political agenda.Witness the million plus in advertising the liberal scoundrels have spent. It would be terrible if the truth about children dying because this government only cared about the corporate agenda, health services cuts, cronyism, corporate donations by companies wanting to benefit from privatisation such as in the education system, fish farms, poverty levels for children, rising food bank use, RAV bail outs, Accenture, and so on and so forth were actually investigated and published by reporters who had the freedom to actually do this work. It is out there but not in the corporate media. Apparently this is not enough for those who wish to squash dissent, truth, labour unions, panhandlers, poor seniors and children like a bug, to quote the misnamed Rod Love. But this may be the death wish which finally annihilates as we pollute and corrupt ourselves to gain corporate and personal riches but eventual serious consequences.I do not think you could spot a hard working, honest civil servant, only those who will hack and lie for your government. Refreshing if we could have a resistance to lies that some of the press and media workers in the Ukraine have recently declared. I will not tell any more lies on behalf of government. Wow!

Its about time somebody decided to get a handle on all the communications contracts that are handed out to friends of civil servants. Its too bad Martyn Brown is so naieve politically. This should have been the first order of business when the government was elected. But then again, what would you expect from a former stereo salesman who thinks his job as chief of staff is a career position.

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