Getting under his fur

Earlier, we reported former fur industry and Ontario government spin doctor Kirk Smith would be heading up the solicitor general's communications shop. But it turns out this isn't the first time he's worked for the Campbell administration. Insiders tell us Mr. Smith was a contractor with Picture BC, a raised-eyebrow initiative that provides funding and technical assistance to communities wanting to produce promotional videos and materials.

Picture BC also encourages British Columbians to contribute new photographs and film to the government's image bank - perhaps to be used in future (and surely non-partisan) providewide ads? The premier's chief of staff Martyn Brown is rumoured to have been closely involved with the project, which is identified as part of the Liberal's recent Bringing out the Best in BC advertising campaign. Mr. Smith dodged and weaved when Public Eye asked him whether was was involved with that campaign.

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It didn't do either Weisbeck any good - Former MP Horning takes the nod.

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