Liberal MLA demands party president resign!

Retiring Kelowna-Lake Country MLA and deputy speaker John Weisbeck is calling on Liberal president Mickey Patryluk to resign, Public Eye has learned. In an email sent to caucus members on Monday, the MLA accuses Ms. Patryluk of abusing her position to influence the outcome of the nomination race in his riding. According to the email, a Kelowna Courier reporter informed Mr. Weisbeck on Friday that Sarina Sandana-Weisbeck, the MLA's ex-wife and one of the nomination candidates, was being accused of using bribery to recruit student supporters. That accusation, which involves an organization called the Urban Youth and Cultural Association, was published by the Courier on Saturday. The reporter told Mr. Weisbeck he had been informed about the whole affair by Ms. Patryluk. Mr. Weisbeck writes that the president should have let his ex-wife know about that accusation before speaking to the press.

The MLA claims Ms. Patryluk didn't because she's bitter about losing a nomination battle to him in 1996. Mr. Weisbeck also accuses her of secretly favoring another candidate. He concludes the email by noting that a national television show is travelling to Kelowna to cover the nomination and calling for Ms. Patryluk's resignation. Three other candidates are running against Ms. Sanda-Weisbeck including city councillor Al Horning, businesswoman Kit Bell (Minister of State for Mining Pat Bell's sister) and community activist Michele Rule.


Glad to see that you're covering a few Liberal races for a change. But isn't there a connection to the Gordon Wilson/Judy incident here?

There may only a few nomination races happening with the BC Libs but there has to some stories here and there.

Al Horning will win, he has the full support of the Sikh community in Kelowna...that's all he's gonna need to win the nomination.

Well, good on the Sikh community. They get out and participate in the electoral process, while others sit at home on their fat butts and whine.

If I remember correctly Al Horning is the former PC MP for the area that was defeated in 1993 by Werner Schmidt and ran again in a rematch in 1997 as the PC candidate.

Sarina Sandana. That name rings a bell. God does it ever!

In 1968, the year of the Trudeaumania sweep that captured 16 of 22 seats in BC, the biggest Liberal showing in BC in the post war era, a young Sarina Sandana was there to help the party over the top.

Her photo appeared in newspapers all across BC and possibly even nationally. A very buxom young Sarina was pictured in a skin tight halter top across which was emblazooned the ooohhh soooo subtle slogan, "Vote PET or Bust".

It looks as though Sarina now wants to reap some middle-aged rewards in exchange for her youthful hard work for the natural governing party.


Thank you for what may be the best post ever on this website. Now that's the kind of information I want to know.

Iam glad to see some balance in nomination meetings coverage.After all Its not only N.D.P.who is going to nominate but Liberal as well in all 79 ridings.But Liberals coverage would be either controvercy or acclamation, because they can hardly bring one candidate to the floor.On the other hand N.D.P.s meetings are well contested which is good for the Party.

The vast majority of Liberal races are acclaimations just due to the huge number of incumbents. Probably around 5 dozen nomination meetings have come and gone (They started in the early summer). The interesting contests -and yes there are quite a few (Vancouver Langara, West Van Girabaldi, Port Moody Westwood, etc) are probably a few months off, and are unlikely to be controversal.

what does well contested acctualy mean? more democratic,above board, or less organized?
until theNDP gets more leadership from the top down. or we,ll see the same old,,,, ahem.
one oint to the NDP spin doctors,,
tiger woods wears red on sundays ,,
why does carole have a pink sweater on for every t.v. plug?to win votes in b.c. you have to appeal to the people who do vote.



Great post above Budd C.

Definitely the first, and hopefully (but probably) not the last, time I've ever 100% agreed with Mr. English's sentiments.

Sandana-Weisbeck lost the nomination race to Al Horning. He took over 60% of the votes and she was a distant third. Kit Bell came in second.

I read that Al Horning says he`s a "Conservative" Liberal that will go back to Social Credit roots, or something like that. Better make up your mind, Al.

Here's a link to the photo of the PET or Bust shirt. And a rather attractive shirt it is indeed.

I was part of that goofy weisbeck-sandana clan for nearly 5yrs and god what a bunch of head cases I am surprised Mrs weisbeck or Ms Sandana (what ever gets her ahead oops did I say that?) got 6% of the votes

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