Hagen to run in next election

Despite having been diagnosed with prostate cancer, Children and Family Development Minister Stan Hagen is determined to run in the next provincial election. Speaking at a news conference, Minister Hagen said his constituency association has already had its nomination meeting and "I am not changing my plans at all when it comes to my political future." Minister Hagen also said his doctors have promised him he will be Blackberry-capable within two hours after being treated for the disease. That surgery is scheduled for November 30.


I don't feel sorry for him in the least after what he and the Liberals have done to the people in this province. Seems to me like this is an omen and a message from the big man above.

Gee John, are these "omens" limited to members of Cabinet, or should everyone undergoing cancer treatment view their illness as a "message from the big man above"?

While I am no fan of this government, Stan Hagen is a caring and capable man who has contributed a great deal of his life in public service for British Columbians. He certainly rises far above the party he works for. Best wishes for a rapid and complete recovery Minister Hagen, and please return soon to keep the rest of your colleages in line.

John, best of health to you in the future.

John, remember when former NDP cabinet minister Dave Zirnhelt proudly boasted that "we are in government and we can do anything that we want"?

What Arrogance.

Remember the subsequent historical electoral 77 - 2 thrashing that the NDP received in May, 2001 at the hands of the electorate?

If you are typical of NDP mindset, then I guess the NDP deserves another thrashing of a similar nature.

Stan Hagen, who has had a reputation as a highly respectable cabinet minister (over his relevant tenure), certainly deserves some kind of sympathy in his current personal medical situation - irrespective of political persuasion.


The more I read from NDP supporters such as you, the better I understand the mindset that nearly destroyed our Province during the 90's.

I often wonder what cave the NDP live in that they cannot see that our Province is back on track today. How they can accuse the media of being biased, Stats Can reports as being false, and ignore virtually every other success story as being wrong all to further an obsession that I must conclude is hell bent on destroying our province.

What did we do in BC to deserve a segment of the population that have their heads shoved so far up their own asses that they cannot admit that mistakes were made during the 90’s, and likewise we are back on track today for the betterment of the entire province?

hey john,,
the big guy in the sky can,t be that smart, as a moron like yourself is still healthy,, politics aside.


Kevin, the more I read of Liberal supporters such as you, the better I understand the mindset that is currently destroying our province. Night after night we are paying Canwest (Liberal donor) to advertise to ourselves what a wonderful place BC is, while at the same time, a news story is running to let us know that child poverty has increased . You can go on and live in your little dreamworld, but the facts speak for themselves. As usual, you have a way of turning the thread into some bizarre rant, rather than commenting on the thread, which in this case is about Stan Hagen having prostrate cancer.

The comments attributed to "john" are somewhat callous and cold. However, much like open line radio and other forums of media, could it be a case of someone providing a launching pad or set up for people like Larsen and his ilk to sit and throw barbs at the NDP? In all reality, I'm sure that Joy, Jenny, Jagrup, and Carole James, all wish Mr. Hagen a speedy recovery.

Stuff like cancer and health challenges overtake politics. Comments like those made by John, and those by Kevin Larsen, are prime examples of just how polarized politics has become in BC. There just is no middle ground. It's the old Bush-ism, "you're either with us or against us. To oppose us is wrong because we're right and everyone else is wrong."

I don't like Stan Hagen, never have as a socred or liberal. But that's politics. But I wouldn't imagine wishing anyone, NDP, Liberal, Green, Communist or whatever political pursuasion, to come down with any disease or affliction.

"The comments attributed to John are somewhat callous and cold"?????

One thing I do not take lightly is idiocy and stupidity.

Pathetic, to say the least. 'Nuff said.

I guess I was trying something new for me on this site, Bob. I was trying to be a little diplomatic. There's no excuse for making the comments attributed to "john". But also, wasn't it nice of someone to say something like that, to give the opportunity to people to tee off on the NDP. I just re read "john"s comment, and there's no mention of NDP. For all anyone knows, he could be a disgruntled Socred, Communist, Libraterian, or maybe if its legit, someone who has been affected by Campbell's agenda. The amazing thing is that we can all maintain a degree of anonyminity should we wish on here.

For that, we'll never know what "john"s motivations were in making such comments, unless he decides to comment on them.

Of course, I too believe that there's no justification in wishing prostrate cancer or any other callous afflictions or bad things to happen to these people, or anyone else in public or private life. And to inflict it even more so by referring to the big man above, I had enough of Kevin "Freddie" Krueger during the HEU dispute praying to the good lord for people to see their way to go back to work. At least Campbell sanctioned him for that nonsense. Religion and politics don't mix, so let's leave religion out of this thread.

well said kegler, the former reverend,,,

those democrats sure flip flop.

and another thing, i heard arafat had aids ..
don,t bother,,,,back to the battle of b.c.


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