He must have come for the weather

Today, a new communications director washed up on the shores of the desert island known as British Columbia's public affairs bureau. So everyone give a big Public Eye welcome to Kirk Smith, who has been put in charge of spinning the solicitor general's messaging. Mr. Smith, who held a similar job with the Ontario government, was chairman of the Fur Institute of Canada's public information committee during the eighties.

He was also an acting assistant deputy minister with cabinet office communications, the agency providing strategic communications leadership for the Ontario government. And for those of you interested in a bit of trivia, the former Ottawa Citizen feature writer gave us this ancedote: his father, Dr. H. Ward Smith, headed the eastern province's centre of forensic sciences and was responsible for making breathalizer evidence legally admissible in court.


Aren't we dizzy enough from the constant spin (euphemism for bullshit)the fiberals are dishing out and now WE'RE footing the bill for another overpaid spin doctor.
Obviously Gordo's getting n-n-n-n-nervous.

Does he really think the people of BC are so easily hoodwinked. The arrogance!

I have never looked so forward to casting a vote.

Bye Bye Gordo.

A news flash for all of the NDP faithful like gofigure who love to throw stones at the spin doctors, no political party can survive without communications staff. The NDP have them, the Socreds had them and even the Green Party have them. Most are simply doing a job like anyone else. So, if you live in a glass house...

The thing is Doctor, I don't have an allegiance for any particular party. What irks me about Gordo and his inner circle is the arrogance and dishonesty with which they rule.

Communication is one thing, but bold faced lies and deceit are quite another.

This will be a vote against Campbell and his henchmen.

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